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From Our Midland Industrial Correspondent

Another British Leyland chief has made a direct appeal to employees for co-operation in overcoming what he describes as “a very hazardous situation”. Mr. Bill Davis, appointed chairman and managing director of Triumph in the last round of reorganization moves three months ago, has sent a personal letter to the homes of Triumph’s 15,500 employees in Coventry, Liverpool and Birmingham.

In recent weeks similar messages have been addressed to Austin Morris and Pressed Steel Fisher workers. Mr. Davis said: “Triumph has for many years been in the forefront with good models of universal appeal and competitively priced. We can keep it there by our joint efforts. I accept that for me this is a seven days a week job but this in itself is insufficient. I need your goodwill.”

He said Triumph was going through rough weather when he took over and this was still the case. Intermittent working, the introduction of a new and complex range of models, many thousands of vehicles unfinished because of lack of components, all presented a very hazardous situation. The age of management cracking the whip had gone. His attitude was to give the facts for an intelligent assessment of the situation. With better communications, progress, whether good or bad, would in future be reported, together with other information of topical interest.

“Making motor vehicles is not all smooth running. In fact I think this is the attraction almost like a drug, which makes it so appealing when there must be many easier ways of obtaining job satisfaction,” he said.

Keith Adams

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