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triumphstanleymarkland2Sixty year old Mr Stanley Markland , who replaced Mr Alick Dick as managing director after the Leyland Group took over the Standard Triumph motor company two years ago, is to retire.

I understand that he will leave Standard Triumph at the end of this year or writes Patrick Mennem. Mr Markland, who started as a sixteen-yearold apprentice engineer with Leyland, has had a dynamic effect on the Coventry company since he took over.

When he took over, the company was millions of pounds in debt. Now business is booming .

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  1. Would Stanley Markland have fared any better had he remained managing director and later became chairman of Leyland Motors (soon after British Leyland) compared to his arch-rival Donald Stokes?

  2. I think the answer is yes. It was Stanley Marland that knocked Triumph into shape, not Donald Stokes.

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