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You've worked hard for the finer things in life - make sure you're covered to enjoy it properly
You’ve worked hard for the finer things in life – make sure you’re covered to enjoy it properly

We’ve talked a lot about young people and their car insurance needs – but what about drivers at the other end of the scale? People who have reached the age of 50 are likely to have a bit more cash to splash on luxury goods like cars. When you have a nice car, there is no doubt that you will want to protect it with specialised car insurance.

Car insurance is a legal requirement in the UK, meaning that motorists need to have a policy in place before they hit the road. This is for good reason, too, as if you should be unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, insurance will make sure you are not left out of pocket and having to think about financial matters when you should be concentrating on other things.

Car insurance from Staysure offers a number of perks, including a free courtesy car, 90 days of European cover, which is included free, and specialised classic car insurance if you need it. What’s more, motorists can tailor car insurance to their own individual needs, like breakdown, legal and windscreen cover. There is also a 24 hours claims line in case drivers get stuck and need help.

If you’re an over-50s motorist, make the most of reduced premiums

While every driver is different, with age comes experience, and the great thing about using a insurer that specialises in over-50s motorists is that they can pass these savings back onto you. Over-50s insurance companies are experienced in dealing with this demographic, meaning they know the types of things you want from your cover.

Make sure you add on legal expenses cover

Legal expenses cover is an essential add on for any driver. If you have ever been in a collision you will know that there can be a bit of a legal dispute afterwards. Spending a little extra when you take out your policy could save you literally thousands of pounds in the long term. For example, Staysure customers only have to shell out £18 extra on their policy to protect themselves against up to £100,000 of legal costs.

Furthermore, people who take out this option will also have experts on hand to help them claim back any uninsured losses, such as policy excess, damage to clothes, luggage or belongings, compensation if you are injured and compensation to your family should the accident be fatal.

There are many ways in which you can cut your premium

People who realise the importance of having a good car insurance premium but want to save a bit of money can do so rather easily. There are a number of ways to cut the money you need to pay out on car insurance, and one such is example is for you to keep your car safe at night. Garages and driveways are known to be a big deterrent for thieves, so it makes sense that making sure your car is tucked up safely at night will drive down premiums.

Increasing car security by installing a car alarm or an immobiliser does not have to cost you much, but it can really reduce the cost of car insurance simply because, once again, it makes your vehicle more difficult to steal.

Cutting your annual mileage, increasing excesses and building a No Claims Discount are other great ways to ensure you have a great policy without shelling out that much.

  • This is an advertorial for Staysure car insurance
Keith Adams


  1. FAIL: It should be made clear at the top that this is an advertorial, not just at the end. Saying “Essay: Over-50s car insurance guide” is misleading the readers, making it appear like any of the other (mostly excellent) real essays on the site.

  2. Hmm… so much for special, bit like SAGA – charge you more for what you can buy – they certainly were more expensive than the NFU for me – at 54!

  3. A bad move for Staysure – this might create a negative attitude towards them by people who feel they’ve been misled via the advertising/editorial,

  4. To be fair to staysure, it hardly mentions them through the article – AROnline needs to pay it’s way after all.

    Unfortunately the article itself has added nothing new at all and is very boring…

  5. Sorry i know motor insurance is a legal requirement but it is a racket. Why dont they penalise all customers who claim and those who dont reap the benefits. Not put up the premiums for all, that is totally unfair, with the database you can track the repeat offenders. The insurance companies are only interested in big money like the bankers, sorry but the over 50’s plan, i dont buy it.

  6. Just to clarify. I’m OK with the principle of including advertorials on the site – after all, Keith has to pay the hosting bills. What I object to is having an advertorial masquerading as normal content – in this case an “Essay”. If it’s made clear at the beginning of the article that it’s a glorified advert, fine.

  7. I spotted those Axa adverts on TV – despite having 19 years NCB, they were insanely expensive for me compared to Direct Line.

    And this is the real joke with all of these things. There’s no “fixed price” for car insurance. It’s not “Group 20 = £2000, Group 1 = 100” or whatever magical rule they’re basing the marketing on. And yet all of them say “10 months for the price of 12” or “50% off” or some other percentage which is essentially meaningless.

    Another year claim free for me, my cars are behind locked automatic gates in a locked (with no external keys!) garage, on a private drive on a well lit and busy high street, and I work from home. Yet my insurance goes up again (until I do the usual shopping around, and then I’m grateful for it staying around the same figure). It is very frustrating.

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