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Triumph workers, in Coventry have been told they must produce 3,000 cars each week to overcome losses estimated at several million pounds. So far this financial year their best has been 2,457. In a personal message to the 11,500 employees, Mr. Bill Sanders Triumph Motors new director and general manager, says that to lift the company out of trouble they must produce 170,000 cars in the current financial year, which began in October.

“The figures for October were frankly very bad and in November and December the deficit has continued but at a lower level. This unfortunately means that we have to wipe out the bad months first before we can regain our rightful position as one of British Leyland’s leading companies. It would be foolish to pretend that everything will go smoothly in 1971 but the coming 12 months can be a year of opportunity for the company and the people in it “. Mr. Sanders said.

Mr. Jim Griffin, convenor of the Amalgamated Union of Engineering Workers, said the men were prepared to hit the target providing the company could give them the parts to build the cars. “It all comes down to bits and pieces in the end and stoppages at supply firms causing us to be laid off.”

He said the new year would not get off to a good start because the Liverpool factory which supplied bodies was taking a one day holiday and the last time they stopped for a day the Coventry men were laid off the following day. British Leyland’s executives have for some months been warning about the state of the company. In the first half of the year Leyland’s total profits after tax were only £100,000 compared with £9.5m. in the first half of the previous year.

Keith Adams

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