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THE boss of Austin Morris told yesterday why he sacked former shop floor workmate “Red Robbo.” Managing director Harold Musgrove, who started with Robinson as a teenage apprentice at Birmingham’s giant Longbridge plant , vowed.: “There’s no possibility of him coming back.”

He added : “This is not an attack on trade unionism. We could not continue with the situation where individuals are continuing disruption which could risk the livelihood of every single member of the workforce. Mr Robinson has not been disciplined as a result of his position at Longbridge, but as a result of his activities as chairman of an unoffcial body which we have been advised by the unions not to recognise. After our 7 -1 vote in favour of the Edwardes plan no one can claim that Mr Robinson’s views were representative of the feelings on the shop floor.”

When Mr Musgrove took over in the summer, he decided to take workers into his confidence by showing them top secret plans of new cars. “There was an emotional and enthusiastic response,”

he said but Mr Robinson did not turn up at any of the 19 presentations. Now he is hoping the same “total commitment” shown by other employees will help crush the unofficial strike that is demanding Mr Robinson’s reinstatement.

Keith Adams

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  1. Had this not happened BL wouldnot have morphed into AR,i have read a story in CAR magazine with the usual suspects,robbo,Edwards etc and it was a brilliant story reading everyone whom was involved take on things.

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