News : Production-ready MG5 spied in China

Adam Sloman

The new medium-sized MG has been unveiled, camouflage free, in these Chinese spy-shots showcased on China Car Times.

MG5 combines the new 'family' look of the 3 and 6
MG5 combines the new ‘family’ look of the 3 and 6

The MG5 is set for launch in China in early March, with engines likely to include the new small engine 1.5-litre engine in both naturally aspirated and turbo forms, the 1.8-litre TCi-Tech and the as-yet unlaunched 1.9-litre turbodiesel. In terms of size the new 5 sits much closer to that of the MG ZS, which gained a reputation for its poised handling and, in V6 form, commendable performance.

These new pictures show the new car in a range of colours, and looking far more presentable than the original drab-looking black car that had been widely predicted to be unveiled officially. However, the March launch date has been unofficially confirmed, and should do much to bolster the MG marque in its home market.

Much has been made of the MG6’s slow sales in the UK, and it’s clear that in its home market, MG needs a broader range to attract customers in more significant numbers. The MG3 supermini and diesel versions of the 6 GT and Magnette are set for launch towards the end of 2012, however sales of the MG5 in the UK and indeed EU, which MG aims to enter this year with the aforementioned 6 diesel, have yet to be confirmed.


  1. The roll of what appears to be black gaffer tape in the centre console doesnt scream quality to me! Or im I just being negative?

  2. I like that – from the front. The side and rear views though could be of pretty much any new hatchback. It could do with some side skirts and rear apron, to tie in with the front bumper. Purple colour is nice.

  3. As Peter1980 so rightly says, the roll of gaffer tape is quite worrying though – especially if that is the supplied tool kit!

  4. That ticks the boxes it needs to. Looks good from the front, not as agood from the rear but not horrible.

    The larger wheels are needed but I like it

  5. Looks like a Kia or Hyundai inside to me. How much work was done over here?
    Looks good but not wonderful.

  6. @Frankie

    Was styled in the UK. Not sure about the rest, but it’ll have been done along the lines of the MG6, with much of the design/re-engineering done over here too.

  7. Reminds me on the 200 launch in that purple, note the automatic box – important for the untapped motability markets.

  8. “The roll of what appears to be black gaffer tape in the centre console doesnt scream quality to me! Or im I just being negative?”

    You’re just being negative. I can’t really see how what’s being transported in the car can be used to judge the vehicles quality.

    Black gaffer tape is the preferred method of camouflage by most of the manufacturers for their prototypes. ie. slap it all over the car, badges, lights etc and drive it to a photoshoot. Then peal it off when you get there.

  9. Looks nice, like the front, not to keen on the rear, I noticed an auto box, hope thats an option, certainly the car look simular to other makes on the market.The seats look nice, cabin not to bad either. Looking at the rear of the car however, they may be able to produce an estate version perhaps. Thats hope that this car will be better marketed in the UK compared to the other cars in the MG range.Regards Mark

  10. Looks great – much nicer than a Ford Focus and less bland than a Vauxhall Astra = surely a good thing all round when it arrives here. Nothing to criticise at all, I was seriously going to consider the next Hyundai i30 or Kia Ce’ed which has finally broken cover but knowing this is around the corner makes me want to wait for it, this is certainly as good looking as either of the aforementioned and they are as yet unlaunched too.

  11. @ mark – RE: Marketing – if MG UK do not take full advantage of such a saleable model as this then they REALLY do want to go, the MG6 to a certain extent I can understand as the range is so limited, it’s an odd size etc, but this has no excuse not to sell in respectable numbers.

  12. I’m still not 100% convinced on the rear view, it’s such a shame they had to change it so much from the concept car.

  13. Like the look of that, looks nice and pi**ed off from the front and the whole things looks sharp and fresh from the front 3/4 views. Dont mind the rear but the pics make it look a tad slabby, reminds me slightly of the Fiat stilo in that way.

  14. At the end of the day it would be better if JLR were to make cars in this category. At least then you know where they come from.

  15. I want an MG3 but could be very tempted by this little motor, looks smart in the pics.. Will it look as good in uk spec and in the flesh…?

  16. Production ready – That means we can expect to see it in MG showrooms sometine in 2015. Thats if MG have any UK showrooms left ny then.

  17. Good looking car but needs to be launched this year. Hand it to a Uk wide car dealer group this would get it in more showrooms across the country. MG 3 & MG 5 will get the sale going.

  18. A good looking car and when the 3 arrives we will have a car range to sell and market and everyone can stop moaning then.

  19. Not bad, not bad at all, but when compared with the Kia C’eed, which I guess will be a natural competitor, it falls short. Horrid ‘leather’ seats unfortunately, and the rump looks a bit unfortunate……hmmmm.

  20. at last this is more like it a good looking mg inside and out ,give it a ten year warrranty decent advertising and a hot three door version and sale’s will take off.

  21. As the strap line for this website is “Made in Britain”, now that entirely Chinese built cars are accepted without any question, can this slogan be changed as it’s no longer accurate?

  22. I think it looks good, but it needs to be brought over here soon while the car looks fresh and new, lets be honest the mg 3 should be on sale in the uk by now, i fear if they keep delaying the launch mg motors will miss
    the boat in terms of bigish sales for the range.

  23. If marketed, promoted aggressively, I can’t see any reason why it would not sell in decent numbers.

    It does not ‘light my fire’ that much but I can’t see why, from these pictures, it could not be a commercial success.

    A touch of ‘Z’ would be nice. It needs something to distance it from rivals. At present, only the front end is that bit different. In the same way, I was viewing Evoques from my office window today and thinking a few touches of later, original Range Rover would add a more British, distinctive feel.

  24. no good just launching in the motherland get it over here ,uk buyers buy new not something 12 mths old and dont make the mistake of made in china lets make it UK built then you will see the sales diff.IT Also first glance not sure but i thought i saw the 200

  25. I like it! Slightly aggressive looking from the front, nice profile and I don’t mind the back either. If marketed properly, hopefully built in the UK with some local content, rather than just assembled, it should do well. Will definitely be on my list when I change my car. BTW, I have a 2 yr old Kia Ceed;)

  26. Looks good! Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh, 3 years after launch with a proven diesel, I would be seriously tempted.

  27. Re James on 17, I totally aggree, all the MG range needs a decent UK wide dealership with comparable marketing like with other car manufactures. Regards Mark

  28. Looking at the new cee’d, the 5 is very similar but the better looking in my opinion.

    The rear ends are almost identical, however the cee’ds tail lights and the number plate on the bumper makes it look less fussy.

  29. All quite nice except I’ve seen Les Dawson had a more attractive arse end.

    Please redesign the rear clusters for Europe – they look like weirdly droopy and hobble the car visually. What’s an injection mould redesign between friends…

  30. Overall not bad looking but resembles Kia, Hyundai, Chevvy products – however most cars resemble each competitors offerings to some degree I guess. I like the pattern of the alloys. Although I’m not a 100% fan of the new MK3 Focus I dont think this MG5 is any better.

  31. Logging back on tonight, it’s grown on me. Last night, I just thought “it’s appealing enough, can’t see why it shouldn’t be successful”. Tonight, however, I feel more “yes, it’s rather distinctive, I like that”.

    It’s back to the argument ” for goodness sake, just promote the thing”. As with the 6, it’s good enough, but to sell a decent number you need to make people aware and sew the seed ” oh, I rather like that, I’ll consider one of those”.

    I’m not in the market for a new car and I suspect a lot of AROnline readers are the same. We like a bit of retro!! However, if buying a new car, choosing from the current herd, the new MGs are fine and even a bit different. What a difference some aggressive marketing would make!!

  32. MG should approach the saab dealers in the Uk and offer them a good deal to take on MG dealer franchise may be offer to pay the cost of conversion. MG could double its dealer network in a very short space of time. Get the MG 3 on sale this March and then put the MG 5 on sale in September this year you would see the differnce and sales would pick up dramaticly.

    Big PR campaign(unlike the MG6), offer a 5 year warrenty as standard, designed and engineered in Britian and proud of it.

  33. “I take it they are keeping the Red MG badges for the performance versions?”

    Not a bad idea.

    At least the plain black ones, aren’t the type MGR used that faded and pealed off.

  34. All you negative people, sound just like Jermey Clarkson, making stupid comments just to get noticed, its not funny why don’t you learn to grow up.
    Its people like you that helped to kill off MG Rover, BMW need not have bothered asset stripping by keeping Land Rover & Mini you did it for them.
    If you keep this up you might succeed again the second time around with all your negative attitudes.

  35. I reckon this looks really good. If the price and owner experience are right this could be worth considering.
    I hope they watch those big seams between the bumpers & body – if they look wrong it will spoil the look of the whole thing.

  36. Sorry folks, but I can’t work up any enthusiasm for this dismal little appliance.

    It’s miles too late to the party. There’s nothing remarkable, innovative or desirable about it, and it already looks old. It’s the ‘Rola Cola’ of the car world and wouldn’t look out of place wearing a Proton badge. Do the current owners understand the history, emotion and affection of the MG brand?

    To me, this ‘MG’ graphically illustrates how the motor car is unlike any other consumer good. We use Chinese-made gadgets and appliances every day, and they’re fine; some – like certain mobile phones, for example – are even desirable. But they’re just appliances. Cars carry meanings as well as people, and this car means … what, exactly? It is an automobile, not a ‘car’, and is as connected to the notion and spirit of an ‘MG’ as the more recently resurrected (and even more recently deceased) ‘Maybach’ was to the Maybach of the 1930’s.

    Btw, some of these photos have cropped up on the Autocar website today as ‘breaking news’. Well, they’re only 5 days behind AROnline!

  37. Horrible !!! why are the wheels so small ? why does it look like an early 90s hyundai ??? YUCK ! Nobody will buy one in this country unless they are under 8k new.

  38. Whoever John is, he needs to work on his material. It’s getting as old as an early ’90s Hyundai.

    An MG5, Above.

    An early ’90s Hyundai, Above.

  39. The early 90s Hyundai Stellar was an interesting car in so much as it was a spiritual successor to the Cortina that Hyundai had been building, carried over some Cortina parts, a Mitsubishi engine and an Italdesign saloon body that looked vaguely Cortina-ish

  40. Mika is right you are all Jeremy Clarkson clones. Stop being influnced by the telly, think for yourselves!

  41. “@Richard – It DOES looks like a 1990s hyundai – IE CRAP.”

    I’m sorry John, you really ought to go to specsavers, in fact your eyesight is so obviously bad you really ought to give up driving.

    It bears no resemblance at all to an early 1990’s Hyundai.

  42. John: It looks fine – a lot of those details are bang up to date. The centre section reminds me a lot of the C3; the sculpted lower flank is definitely 21st century Western design, the taper of the waistline, it’s dynamic – the front has a couple of unresolved details, but it’s a better effort than anything Peugeot are fielding.

    Want to define which bit of it looks crap? Let’s say the styling simply isn’t to your taste, which is entirely reasonable. Does it look cheap? Dangerous? Don’t be shy. Expand on your opinion of it; right now I suspect if someone put an MG badge on a Bentley GT, you’d say it looked cheap/crap/whatever.

  43. What everyone needs to realise is, the MG badge stands for failure. The 6 has proved to be an almighty flop, thanks to it being simply bellow par, with only 1 engine & manual gearbox, and a management structure that have the IQ of a 3 year old. The Chinese haven’t grasped that MG in the UK as a brand is dead. Designing a car that is a poor copy of the Toyota Auris, with lots of confused and fussy detailing, and stupidly small wheels, and that fat arse & c pillar treatment, which is frankly dangerous, due to the blind spot it creates, along with the high window line, but sadly thanks to Euro NCAP to have strength, this is how cars are now designed. It is going to really struggle here if it is priced like the 6 is, especially when fellow Chinese company Geely is eyeing up the UK.

  44. I suspected it probably did. Leaves it open to abuse and confusion over who is who though.

    Funny how we get people pop up, make some negative comment then we never hear from them again….

  45. The rear looks like it’s been copied from a Subaru Impreza, diesels sell in this country. In China people don’t want diesels yet because the stuff they sell at the pumps is not refined enough for modern diesels quite yet. This is why there is no diesel out because it’s been built for the Chinese market!

  46. Quite like the look of that til you get to the back – are those lights off a completely different car? They just don’t look right, as if they ran out of budget.

  47. Really dont like the front, of this or the 6 TBH, but its no worse than anything else out there. Is it just me or have all car makers just gone in for hidious desgins scince BMW’s got Bangalised?

  48. Overall not a bad looker. I like the front chisel look style and the rear light clusters. The alloys are a nice design too. Yes It does have similarities to other competitors like KIA, Hyundai and so on but that’s only to be expected.

    I might not be first in the queue to buy one but wish MG well with this car.

  49. It looks great to me. As long as it has the standard MG driving enjoyment then I can’t see what all the fuss is about.

    As for john, there is a guy by that name that regularly plagues MG forums with his negative and ignorant attitude. Some people don’t seem to be able to accept change. I love how he was totally owned by the Hyundai post though. The 5 looks nothing like it.

    Anyway, looking forward to the arrival of a turbo charged mg5 later this year.

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