Car of the Month : April 2002

A more obscure Car of The Month for April. This time, I thought I’d go for the charms of the big and imposing Austin 3-litre. That being the case, the best example that I know of is that of Alexander Boucke – which is unusual for being left hand drive.

Alexander is deeply passionate about the Austin 3-litre and not only does he enjoy extolling the virtues of this car to anyone who will listen, but he has put me right on a few technical points in my article. If you want to see this car up close an personal, he and his car will be at the Peterborough BL rally this year.

The rear view of the 3-litre is by far the most successful aspect of this car’s design – and of the triumvirate of BMC cars sporting those side doors, it is this car that has the nicest rear end(!)

Keith Adams

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