Jiefang (Liberation) CA 6440 UA

Erik van Ingen Schenau captured the van version of the Chinese Maestro in the wild.

Somehow, the full-depth bumper really suits it…

Erik found these Maestro vans, relating the tale thus: “In June 2004, at the Asia Village Auto Market in Beijing (this is the largest dealer exhibit of new cars in China), I found three white Chinese Maestro Vans. They were brand new, but as thought they had remained unsold for quite some time. As can be seen in the photos, they were van versions. On the rear doors, they were badged as the Jiefang (Liberation) CA 6440 UA, made by the First Auto Works (FAW) Group.”

These vans were advertised in a local newspaper, sold under the name of “FAW Jiefang Rover model”. The engine is the Toyota 8A, which is a popular choice of power unit in China, as these engines are licensed produced by the Tianjin-Toyota Engine Works. The vans had been converted to full four-seaters, and the sales price is 51,800 yuan (which is the equivalent of 5180 Euros)”


Thanks to Erik van Ingen Schenau and Graham Arnold

Keith Adams

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