BMC 11/55

Alongside the standard Austin 1100, South Africa also had an uprated, 55bhp version which was sold in Austin and Wolseley guises. Although this increased power output was equivalent to that produced by the twin-carb 1100s available in the UK, the 11/55 models took a different route to achieving their extra horses, having a single 1½in. carburettor, larger inlet valves, double spring valves and a modified air cleaner.

The car continued in MkII form until the early 1970s, when it was replaced by the Austin Apache.

This brochure shot carried the strap-line: “Powered by 55 full-blooded horses”.

A unique feature of these South African variants is their front-mounted reflectors, which can be seen in all of these brochure shots.

BMC 11/55 pictures kindly supplied by Henk Schuuring

Keith Adams

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  1. Hi i have a austen 1967/8 11/55 i am looking for parts eg, doors etc where can i get some parts for my car

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