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Car Junket Rap

British Leyland are going on a £1 million spree to launch their Mini Metro car. But they sailed into a storm of protests when it was discovered that they are spending the cash on flve-star cruises.

The 25,000-ton Vistafjord-one of the most luxurious ships afloat – has already been booked. It wilt take nearly 2,000 dealers and potential fleet buyers on two-night trips to the Isle of Man next September to see the mighty Mini before its Motor Show debut. Defending the plan, a British Leyland spokesman said: “More than £275 million is being invested in the car , so the launch is of vital importance.”

Liberal M.P David Alton commented: “This junket is a slap in the face of all the men put out of work when Leyland shut down the TR7 plant at Speke.”

And Labour M P John McWilliam said: “At the time Leyland are planning to get rid of another 25,000 workers they intend to take dealers on luxury cruises. It is folly.”

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