Car of the year : June 2008

The ADO16 was Britain’s best selling car for the best part of a decade, but surprisingly few remain today. However, Chris Jones’ Wolseley 1300 is a shining example, proving that you can have modern comforts in a classic car…

This Wolseley 1300 was registered in 1968 and is in fine fettle today…

Words and Pictures: Keith Adams

The power of Wolseley

CHRIS Jones’ Wolseley 1300 recently appeared in Practical Classicsit was the star car in a sextuplet of 1960s chrome-laden classics illustrating just how much prestige you can pick up for your dosh these days. It was in company with a Tatra 603/2, Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, Daimler V8, Alvis TD14, and a Vanden Plas 4 Litre-R… and let’s just say that the diminutive Wolseley didn’t let the side down at all.

But Chris’ example is in particularly fine fettle, and has been treated to a number of upgrades to keep things sweet. For one, those period Dunlop alloys look the business, but take a look under the bonnet, and you’ll see that Downton’s breathed on the engine in order to perk things up a little. The interior’s been modified too – just take a look at those Rover 100 seats, upgraded ICE install and rear wash-wipe control.

All in all, it’s a fine example of the ADO16 breed, and more than a suitable Car of The Month.


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