Car of the year : June 2008

The ADO16 was Britain’s best selling car for the best part of a decade, but surprisingly few remain today. However, Chris Jones’ Wolseley 1300 is a shining example, proving that you can have modern comforts in a classic car…

This Wolseley 1300 was registered in 1968 and is in fine fettle today…

Words and Pictures: Keith Adams

The power of Wolseley

CHRIS Jones’ Wolseley 1300 recently appeared in Practical Classicsit was the star car in a sextuplet of 1960s chrome-laden classics illustrating just how much prestige you can pick up for your dosh these days. It was in company with a Tatra 603/2, Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, Daimler V8, Alvis TD14, and a Vanden Plas 4 Litre-R… and let’s just say that the diminutive Wolseley didn’t let the side down at all.

But Chris’ example is in particularly fine fettle, and has been treated to a number of upgrades to keep things sweet. For one, those period Dunlop alloys look the business, but take a look under the bonnet, and you’ll see that Downton’s breathed on the engine in order to perk things up a little. The interior’s been modified too – just take a look at those Rover 100 seats, upgraded ICE install and rear wash-wipe control.

All in all, it’s a fine example of the ADO16 breed, and more than a suitable Car of The Month.


Keith Adams


  1. Perhaps 15 years ago it seemed like a good idea to tart up a sedate Wolseley 1300 Auto into a bit of a boy racer machine. Considering, according to “How Many Left” only 19 now survive, it’s disappointing this car, as one of the 19 is not in original condition. Merely my opinion, others will disagree I am sure.
    Just looking at Car & Classic website, they have a 1968 Wolseley 1100 manual, in rare Glen Green, 36000 miles and pristine condition @ £7500. More to my liking.

  2. How could an Alvis TD14 ( no such car ) be one of the 1960s contenders ? And the wheels being lauded ?

  3. Minilites would have looked better…

    And the side views make me hate quarter lights in front and rear doors all the more.

    [IMHO the Austin 3-litre would also have looked vastly better if they had built it with the quarter light unencumbered version of -those doors- as used on the Maxi].

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