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It’s often said that Innocenti’s Leyland-based cars were more appealing than the originals that bore them. Here’s a selection of images supplies by Julian Marsh that indicate that this may be the case.

The Innocenti Regent, even, somehow managed to look better than the Austin Allegro. And yet, the Italians didn’t want it. What do you think?

The Italian job


Keith Adams


  1. I’m not sure there is much difference between the Allegro and the Regent, apart some slight front end differences, and the Italians deciding to go for ‘quartic’ style road wheels?

    Was the Innocenti 2 an 1100 or a restyled A40? Interesting ‘widows peak’ front grille treatment (nicely done).

  2. In regard to the Allegro/Marina generally, one thought is that the Marina could have done with the oblong headlights that look so awful mounted inboard on the Allego, and the latter should have had twin round units- surprised the Italians didn’t take that option, rather than faffing about ineffectually with other restyling efforts, such as the relocated rear number plate.

    A separate plastic front extension (think RS2000/Wayne Cherry tweaked Viva- albeit not necessarily a droop snoot) might have possibly done something to make the front end of the Regent more palatable, at minimal cost- and the front end more than anything was the Allegro’s weakest point, styling wise.

  3. Also, the Regent has RHD-biased windscreen washers. As the Allego (the British version) was supposed to be an export product, did nobody notice that the wipers were wrongly configured, or did the bean counters at Longbridge think it not worth the expense of producing LHD-biased wipers?

    It would only have meant designing in rubber blanks into the scuttle for alternative wiper/washer positions, and changing the arms on the wiper motor for ones of the appropriate length. Hardly an expensive modification.

  4. The wipers on the Regent are correct – as on the ADO16 the wipers on the Allegro are set against the usual norm, as this gives a better swiped area for the driver. On the passenger side a rather large triangle on the lower corner is left un-wiped.

  5. This car was light years ahead-with those clear smoked sidelamp/indicator assemblies and several years later inspired the P38 range rover to have the same.Is the sarcasm palpable?

  6. “Funny how the 1100 just looks that little bit more appealing when the Italians have been at it….”

    Keith, I don’t think the attractive lady came as standard !!

  7. #1 the Regent had 70bhp or 95bhp from the start, with twin-carb 1300 or 1750 engines – a much more appealing choice than we got in UK (48,58,74, or 84 in 1973)

  8. Strange debate on windscreen wipers……

    The wipers on my 68 Hornet park the opposite side from my 89 & 95 Minis.

    Explain that one…………

  9. english cars out of italian hands… the worst of both worlds maybe? though i like the innocenti mini 1300…

  10. @12″english cars out of italian hands… the worst of both worlds maybe? ”
    What you mean? Peraphs, You (from Holland) ever built a car ?
    @13 “Have many Innocentis survived? And are any in this country? Would be interesting to see one”
    I think that a good percentage of Innocenti’s survived if compared to other (expecially imported ones).
    The most ones are, obviously the mini’s; I’ve seen in flesh some IM3’s, there are a number of A40’s in very good condition but the most rare are the Regent: I’ve seen only one for sale in the last ten years !
    Cheers from a Britalian

  11. No offence, but the most interesting Innocenti was the 90-120 that mutated in the Mille and then got Daihatsu 3 cyl later on, in n/a or turbo and Diesel. It had nothing to do with UK division, boasted the much needed hatch the mini should have been fitted with(or at least the Clubman, just in order to REALLY improve the car’s desirabilities). Believe me, they were looking great, cost Autobianchi A112 a lot of sales when introduced in 1976 in France. Modern, crisp Italian design encapsulating Sir Issigonis’ masterpiece!!!

  12. These cars look interesting and at least as good as the BMC/BL versions. The wheeltrims on Innocenti 15 look similar to those on a Morris 1300GT that my brother owned.

  13. The Innocenti Mini Cooper 1300 actually featured twin reversing lights way before BL decided to fit them to UK spec cars, and they all had standard side indicators in the front wings.

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