E-type 50 : Jaguar Drivers’ Club organises 50 car convoy to Motorexpo 2011

E-types in London
E-types in London

Fifty Jaguar E-types greeted Londoners today as a fleet of privately-owned vehicles travelled in convoy through the Capital to the 2011 Motorexpo in Canary Wharf, marking 50 years of the sports car.

Organised by the Jaguar Drivers’ Club, the convoy started its journey under Police escort at Forbes House in Central London, home of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).  The route took in landmarks including Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square before arriving at Canary Wharf where the cars lined up on display.

Leading the convoy was a team of professional cyclists joined by ex-Formula 1 World Driver’s Champion Nigel Mansell, supporting Motorexpo’s chosen charity, UK Youth.

The same spirit of innovation and emphasis on design lives on in Jaguar today, with the latest XF, XK and XJ models making their UK debut at the Motorexpo.  The fastest Jaguar production car ever created, the 542bhp XKR-S, will also be present.

On arriving at Canary Wharf, Graeme Carver, CEO of Motorexpo commented: ‘It’s been a terrific day and a fitting tribute to the E-type – we are incredibly grateful to the police and all the owners for providing their support to make it possible.  We all feel honoured to have taken part in such a key celebration of what was, and remains, a landmark car.’

The Motorexpo runs through to 12 June. AROnline readers requiring more information should visit Motorexpo’s website.

E-types in London
E-types in London

[Source: Jaguar UK]

Keith Adams


  1. Fashion styles come and go… However, even after all these years, the E-type is still one the most beautiful looking cars around.

  2. Not one of the most beautiful cars around… THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CAR EVER MADE would, in my humble opinion, be more accurate.

  3. I see that Chris Evans failed to persuade them all to avoid London’s rain. I hope all the cars stayed watertight! It’s still a beaut, but my heart belongs to the XJ-C…

  4. @Simon Hodgetts
    My old man has an XJ-C 4.2 – it’s been with our family since my grandfather bought it new and has only done 50 odd thousand miles too. Dad’s looking to sell it now, though.

  5. @Marty

    It’s a shame you have to let the XJ-C go! I wish I could afford it, but I’m afraid I can’t!

    I had a neighbour many years ago who had a Daimler Double-Six XJ-C – it was stunning. Most weekends his Jaguar club friends would visit, so the street would be filled with two S3 E-Types, a Jaguar XJ-C and a couple of S1 XJs. Beautiful cars…

    Unfortunately, he sold the Jaguar and bought an American campervan – I know not why…

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