News : Jaguar F-Types fly the flag for Britain


To celebrate the launch of the new F-Type, Jaguar has launched its #YourTurnBritain campaign; inviting people to share photos that encapsulate the best of modern Britain through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr.  The best images submitted will win one of four unforgettable F-Type driving experiences.

A fleet of six F-Types, with special Union Flag artwork, has embarked on a promotional tour of Britain in support of the new campaign.  The F-Type exterior finish was inspired by the recent ‘Best of British’-themed BBC Top Gear TV show, with an unprecedented line-up of UK automotive products on The Mall in London – led by three Jaguar F-Types – each carrying a Union Flag.

So far, the #YourTurnBritain campaign has attracted more than 250,000 social interactions and over 2000 competition entries across all social media platforms, with many blogs also contributing with their own celebrations of modern Britain.  The images encapsulate modern British culture, with a focus on design, sport, film and music, but all postings in line with the ‘modern Britain’ theme are welcomed.

The Union Flag fleet of F-Types embarks on its UK tour from 12-16 August, taking in cities from Edinburgh to Oxford with social media users invited to suggest their favourite locations for the cars to appear. Londoners will also be able to see the cars from 12th-23rd August as they take residence at Canary Wharf.


Keith Adams


    hope that the drivers will be capable of such lines:

    Shall we shag now, or shall we shag later? How do you like to do it? Do you like to wash up first? You know, top and tails… whore’s bath? Personally, before I’m on the job, I like to give my undercarriage a bit of a ‘how’s your father’!

  2. …and what if you actually have a life and don’t contribute to “social media platforms” (which, I suspect, includes most of those able to afford such a car)?

    It’s all a bit crass, isn’t it? Almost makes MG look grown up.


  3. I guess she is the target customer for the next round of ‘niche’ markets BINI will be trying to fill?

    Probably switched to a cheaper brand of fags to help towards her deposit on the forthcoming MINI Chavman….

  4. @1 to @10. What is this? Silly season? I did not understand any of the above posts. Can somebody add constructive comments instead of, “yeah baby” and “sshhhaaaggguuuaaarrr” etc etc etc?

  5. Keith can you explain why you have added the picture of that pretty lady and what it is to do with this campaign? Also what has this to do with Austin Powers?
    I no longer do twitter. Found myself ranting to about 3 people or reading someone else’s drivel.
    However it is good that we are celebrating UK engineering and manufacturing. Lets see more engineering and science graduates work in manufacturing rather than wasting their degree in the city.

  6. @ 11 Paul you might have to watch “The Spy who Shagged me” and “Waynes World” and of course the ‘James Bond Films’ that inspired “The Spy who Shagged me” – which is probably most of the ‘James Bond Films’ or ‘one of them’. Beware though they are only for immature people such as myself and possibly writers 1 to 9 & 12. But we would certainly would not want Jaguars to slip down the strok-e-bility scale. Alex

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