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Vauxhall Heritage

Vauxhall will open its Heritage Centre to the public on Sunday 18 August as it celebrates its 110th birthday, giving everyone the chance to see its private collection of historic vehicles. With cars from the current range alongside those dating back to 1903, Vauxhall Heritage Centre’s annual open day is always a great day out for the car enthusiast and, with entertainment, activities and refreshments throughout the day, great for the family as well.

Visitors will be able to view the company’s private collection of over 60 significant cars, including production models from every decade as well as a selection of unique concept cars. Notable cars among the collection include the 1903 5HP, the second-oldest Vauxhall in existence, the recently restored Firenza Droopsnoot, Astra Mk1 GTE and the legendary Lotus Carlton. There will also be the chance to see not one, but two of the legendary 30-98 models, Britain’s first 100mph car, which celebrates its centenary this year.

All cars are kept roadworthy and are fully-maintained in pristine condition by the Vauxhall Heritage Team.  The open day is held at the Heritage Centre situated in the grounds of Vauxhall’s head offices in Luton, located on Park Street and will run from 10.00am until 4.00pm. General admission is free and open to all, with free parking also provided.

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  1. I am currently involved in a restoration of a 1937 Vauxhall hearse,one of three built and only two left in existance,discussions with Vauxhall Motors and a Hearse owners club revealed that this particular vehicle is the only one left in the country and the other is in Australia.

    If anyone could help with any info i would be grateful,this car has only 300 miles on the clock since built,was mothballed on the onset of WW2 and has been in a barn since.

  2. Very good news- funnily enough I was passed when out in the van today by an E reg Victor, just after a TR2 passed in the other direction.

    Bit surprised by Francis’s hearse being mothballed during WW2- I’d have thought that trade in the funeral game would have been reasonably brisk back in those days…

  3. Anyone seen the 110 year anniversary link on Vauxhalls website? You can enter your story/memories about Vauxhall ownership experiences and submit a photo or choose a stock shot. Worth a look in.

  4. @4, Doctor D,

    Yeah you are probably right- they ought to do something like that at Longbridge- maybe going one step further by getting the customers to fit their own bumpers…

  5. @4 – I love the Auto Tower – a stunning building, brimming with technology, theatre and innovation, housing……VWs…..”Ooh look Daddy, it’s a grey Golf 1.6 TDi Bluemotion……Look Hans!! – a black Passatt 2.0 TDi SE Bluemotion…….wow! gosh! Over there!! A red Passatt 2.0 TDI SE Bluemotion Wagon…..etc…..”

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