Jaguar : New XKR-S roars into Geneva

Matthew Hayward

Jaguar XKR-S
Jaguar XKR-S

Set for launch at the Geneva Motor Show on the 1st March, 2011 – almost exactly 50 years since the iconic E-type was first shown – Jaguar will launch the latest addition to its XK line-up, the XKR-S. With a 0-100mph time of 8.6 seconds and a top speed of 186mph, this is the fastest production Jaguar since the XJ220 and, according to Jaguar, ‘the most agile, responsive and driver-focused Jaguar ever.’

First on the list of upgrades is the XK’s 5.0-litre supercharged V8, which has been tweaked to increase power to 542bhp and 502lb ft of torque. The exterior modifications are said to be ‘aerodynamically-driven’, with new bumpers, lower side skirts and fixed rear spoiler, as well as various other visual differences.

The Adaptive Dynamics system has also been reprogrammed to complement the stiffer springing and revised damping, making full use of the XK’s lightweight but incredibly rigid aluminium body structure. Jaguar is also quite proud to boast the car’s sub 300g/km CO2, the only car in this class to do so.

Full details and images of the Jaguar XKR-S will be available on the Geneva Motor Show’s Press Day next Tuesday.

Jaguar XKR-S
Jaguar XKR-S
Keith Adams


  1. Has anybody else seen the ‘Growler E 2011 Concept by Bo Zolland’ at the Geneva Motor Show? It’s their twist on a remake of the E-Type to celebrate its 50th Anniversary.

    Some bits are good, like the wire wheels, but this XKR-S it is far better and more in keeping with the original E-Type theme -that is Aston performance at a reasonable(ish) price.

  2. Sorry, but I absolutely hate the add-on rear spoiler and the flared ‘nostril’ air intakes in the sides of the front bumper – it really does spoil the lines of what is otherwise a stunning design.

    Granted, Jaguar has to be forward thinking when it comes to styling and ditch the retro influence of old. But this? The Playstation and X-box generation will undoubtedly love it, but those of us who believe that good design isn’t about the sum of bolt-on aids will be rather saddened by all this.

    That said, I still hope it sells and steals sales from Stuttgart in the process!

  3. Jaguar are right to emphasise the image of the XK as a true sports car. A successful Racing Programme would help. Last year’s was humiliating.

    However, if they had a Racing Programme worth celebrating, then it makes sense that the most powerful car should look like a track machine. Remember, in the 1950s, that meant the D-Type and the E-Type was clearly meant to look like a D-Type. Sadly, in the 2010s, it means ducts and spoilers.

  4. Wait to see the price and then compare that with its competitors – Porsche is the bench mark and can they get it to work.

  5. Design-wise, the Jaguar XKR-S looks a bit like a 5 year old Ford Falcon so I’m not too keen on the looks either. However, as the writer says, some of the exterior features are perhaps function driven rather than stylistic. It’s interesting though that the car can get to 100 mph quicker than my XJ40 can get to 100 km/hr.


  6. Nice, but the colour looks too like the Vauxhall VXR colour known as Arden Blue and makes the Jaguar XKR-S look like a sporty Vectra.

    Sporty Jaguars should really be green or is that too much of a traditionalist’s view for “new” Jaguar?

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