Jaguar : XF tops Britain’s biggest Driver Satisfaction Poll

Jaguar XF bags another award
Jaguar's XF bags another award

Readers of Auto Express magazine have voted the new Jaguar XF Britain’s best car in the 2009 Driver Power survey. The results revealed that the XF secured the overall number one spot with drivers praising the Jaguar’s combination of luxury, comfort and driving dynamics.

Mike O’Driscoll, Jaguar’s Managing Director, said:  “Securing top place in the UK motoring community’s top driver satisfaction poll is an excellent result. This reflects our continuing commitment to produce a consistent high quality driving and ownership experience for all of our customers.”

The Auto Express survey questioned driver satisfaction in a host of key areas – including reliability and build quality, cost of ownership and running costs, as well as performance, ride and handling. Questions also focussed on a vehicle’s practicality, comfort and ease of driving. The XF, which was launched in March 2008, scored an impressive score of 91.18 per cent.

David Johns, Editor of Auto Express, said: “As the reigning Auto Express car of the year, Jaguar’s XF executive saloon is a triumph. Drivers think so too, giving the sumptuous four-door higher scores than any other car in the UK.”

The XF range has just been updated in the UK with an all-new high performance XFR model featuring a supercharged 5.0-litre V8 as well as two new 3.0-litre V6 diesel engines. These new engines offer significantly increased performance coupled with improved emissions, economy, driveability and refinement. Both new diesel engines deliver combined average fuel consumption of 42.0 mpg – nearly a 12 per cent improvement on the acclaimed 2.7-litre engine. Both diesel XF models produce just 179g/km – an improvement of 10 per cent.

However, Jaguar has already been recognised for its improving quality and driver satisfaction this year. In March Jaguar was acknowledged for its industry-leading overall long-term quality in the J.D. Power and Associates 2009 Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS) in the US.

The Auto Express Driver Power 2009 Top Five are:

1. Jaguar XF
2. Skoda Superb (old)
3. Skoda Octavia
4. Land Rover Discovery
5. Lexus RX

Clive Goldthorp


  1. Well done Jag, but what about the Rover 75 which I think was No.7 with the MG ZT also in the top 30? The new Freelander also did very well but the old Disco was 100th. Some of the other results are a bit odd, eg the old Mazda 2 came in high from nowhere previously.

  2. When are we going to see the Police buying these instead of BMW’s. Keep British job’s in Britain.

  3. I can hardly believe there are so many crap cars in the top 5. The Jaguar is the only decent one.

  4. So Old Fashioned Gentleman you think that the XF is a complete crap? Or do you simply refer to the Skodas and Lexus?

  5. Interesting that the BMW MINI mk1 comes bottom. In the bottom 5 is the Polo, Aygo and Vectra.

  6. The only crap thing about a Skoda Superb or Octavia is the badge. Eventually the badge will become OK because the cars aren’t crap anymore. I have never had a Skoda and I don’t want one, but I firmly believe they are not crap. Even about the Iron Curtain era Skodas, it’s worth mentioning that they were the only Iron Curtain cars that survived year in year out in the Western market and that they rallied really well.

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