Archive : 1400 Laid Off After Unofficial Strikes


The British Motor Corporation’s plans to increase production of the Morris Mini- Minor were again frustrated today by unofficial strikes at its Cowley factory.

Nearly 1,000 men at Morris Motors, Oxford, had to be laid off because of the strikes, and a further 400 men engaged on production of B.M.C. car bodies at their neighbouring Pressed Steel Company factory were also made idle. Production of the Mini-Minor at Morris Motors was again at a complete standstill, with 440 men idle.

The night shift also did not work last night in spite of an appeal by the senior shop steward.. The day shift reported this morning, but because yesterday’s dispute over the re-manning of the line to increase production was not settled the men did not work. They claim that an increase in the number of men on the line would lower their earnings. A further unofficial stoppage in sympathy by 17 men on the paint line in the same factory brought assembly of Morris Oxford cars to a halt. Five hundred more men were sent home.

Keith Adams

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