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A spokesman for Jaguar cars at Coventry, said last night that 2,000 car assembly workers had been told not to report for duty today but to wait for a further announcement. The lay-off , he said, was due to a shortage of car brakes resulting from a strike over pay by 100 men at the Girling brake factory at Cwmbran, Monmouthshire.

Girling Brake Strike

The strike at the Girling works in Cwmbran, Monmouthshire, has halted the supply of brake drums to Jaguar , Fords and Vauxhall.
Jaguar said yesterday that 2,000 car assembly men at their Coventry factory would be laid off from today until further notice.
But a spokesman said that some production departments would not be affected.


On this day Jaguar Cars aerodynamicist Malcolm Sayer who is working on the XJ21 E-Type replacement project writes a memo to Sir William Lyons, with a copy to Technical Director William Heynes. In the memo Sayer advocates developing a
“2+2 sports car based on XJ4 parts”.

This is the start of the XJ27 project which became the XJ-S in 1975.

Keith Adams

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