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The Roewe 550 was exported to a number of countries around the world, but in markets where its nameplate wouldn’t mean much, the Shanghai engineered nailed MG badges to them.

You’ll find these badge engineered cross-breeds on sale in South America, Russia and various other Asian markets.

MG 550 gallery

MG 550 - or more correctly, a Photoshopped Roewe 550 sedan.
MG 550 - or more correctly, a Photoshopped Roewe 550 sedan.

If in years to come, you’re on your travels and see MG badged Roewes, this is quite normal – it’s just a case of Chinese badge engineering. Echoes of Chinese Leyland perhaps?

The badging seems to vary between the carefully Photoshopped press images and the actual road-going car, which does away with the Roewe shaped badge plinth for its MG octagon. Also note the union flag badge on the front wings of the red car…


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  1. i still think the front of the car is not very pretty, the MG6 definitely does it better

  2. The red one doesn’t look bad and I like the alloy wheels and black sills. Does look very like the current VW Passat.

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