Auction watch : 1960 Mini under the hammer

Silverstone Auctions' 1960 Mini is up for sale in July

A 1960 Austin Seven 850, with 2600 miles on the clock and with virtually every component an original, up for auction at the Silverstone Classic Sale on 21 July. Not surprisingly, this exceptional car, estimated at £20,000 to £25,000, is expected to be one of the most sought after lots at the sale hosted Silverstone Auctions.

Indeed, this car was only driven for the first two years of its life, hence the exceptionally low mileage, before being retired into heated storage. The result is bodywork that is in an immaculate rust-free condition, while the vinyl interior retains a fresh factory feel.

If that wasn’t enough to excite Mini enthusiasts and collectors, then the car comes complete with the original Austin Seven key ring, spare keys, original handbook, tax disc holder, rubber boot mat and jack and wheel brace. There’s even the last tax disc bought for the car which expired in 1962!

Nick Whale, managing director, Silverstone Auctions, said: ‘This has to be one of the lowest mileage 1960 Minis in existence and is an important example of the model. If its rarity wasn’t enough to excite Mini aficionados then its immaculate condition is, having survived unscathed for more than 50 years. I would go as far to say that I’ve never seen such a well presented model of its type. It’s an honour for Silverstone Auctions to be able to offer it at our Classic Sale.’

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Keith Adams


  1. Looks to be in better nick than the last one- I’d buy this if I had enough disposable income.

  2. This will sell for a bloody fortune and i hope it retains its provenance and the new owner reveres and enjoys it.

  3. This looks almost identical, apart from colour to my own Austin Mini 850 (1967 E reg). I’ll bet that’s not around now…

    137PKX looks excellent!

  4. Minty! If this doesn’t go for a stupidly insane price, well…It’s the sort of car that is a museum piece. To add many more miles to it would be sacrilege.

  5. I can’t belive that other one fetched £40K + A few weeks ago I know that one was a bit special. One of the first few off the production line. However it was a total and utter shead, beyond restoration other than a re shell.
    I would rather pay £40K for this one! However as has been said its only real value is as a museum piece, or static exhibit at say a dealers showroom

  6. Interesting that it has two wing mirrors- I can’t imagine that a nearside mirror would have been fitted to a basic car such as a Mini in 1960.

    Wonder if that was fitted later?

  7. TO: Chris

    The two wing mirrors are surely not the original ones. I have a 1959 mini deluxe and I have the original mirrors on it.

  8. I think Tiff Needell of early top gear, and lately fifth gear fame now owns this car, i am sure this is the car featured in an article in mini world not so long back

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