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If you’re after every last detail and intricacy of the BMC Mini, then this anniversary booklet will be right up your street – not because it’s comprehensive, but it adds colour to a story already told many times. It’s called Magical Mini Memories, and it’s on sale now for the modest price of £4.00 plus P&P.

For the 86th Reunion of the Austin Ex-Apprentices Association at Chateau Impney (now sadly closed, possibly permanently) in November 2019, I put together a 36-page colour booklet to commemorate 60 years of the classic BMC-era Mini.

It was a collection of ‘insider’ ex-Apprentice memories of Minis and Mokes over those years, covering launch, development, competition, home and export sales etc. Thus it’s titled ‘Magical Mini Memories’ (MMM).

In order to fund the print, the Association decided to have a fairly big run-on for sale to the ex-apprentices who weren’t at the reunion, and thereafter to Mini enthusiasts and the public. Since we aren’t geared up for mass mailings, we decided to put the sales through the British Motor Museum’s Gift Shop at Gaydon, for sale direct to visitors and via their online shop.

This got off to a great start, but then they had to close for lockdown. The museum started limited opening from 4 July, and recently confirmed that the museum is now opening every day – and, as a consequence, sales of MMM are picking up. But we need to push things along a bit now, as I have a pallet load of boxes here – the Gaydon shop has very little storage space, so we have to feed them in gradually!

The Association doesn’t have a promotion budget to speak of – our objective is basically to break even – so most of the profit is going to the British Motor Museum.

Keith Adams, Editor and Creator of AROnline, said: ‘What Ian Elliott doesn’t know about the firm and its products isn’t worth knowing, so you can be sure that you’re going to be informed as well as entertained by this pamphlet. As well as being packed with memories for people who were actually there, you can also take away plenty of delicious factoids about Britain’s best-loved small car. Enjoy!’

Mini 1959

Ian Elliott

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