Also known as : Morris Marina

In this gallery, we take a look at some of the names used to sell various versions of the Morris Marina in overseas markets, plus one that didn’t quite make it…

Of course, as those of you who have visited the BMC 1100/1300 page in this gallery will already know, the Marina featured here was not the first Morris to bear that name; that honour goes to the Danish version of the Morris 1100.

Austin Marina
Home market name: Morris Marina

The Austin Marina replaced the Austin America (see above) in the US and Canada, and was also sold in South Africa alongside the Austin Apache. 

Morris Cavania
Home market name: Morris Marina

Cavania was to have been the name for the Marina in Australia, but at the last miniute Donald Stokes insisted on Marina. By that time, some cars already built had bootlid holes drilled to take the longer namebadge, so the final postion was ingeniously filled with a full-stop!Picture kindly supplied by Scott Williams

Morris 1700
Home market name: Morris Marina

While the Marina name was insisted upon for the Australian market (see above), it was dropped altogether by their neighbours in New Zealand. In a similar move, the Montego 2.0 was later sold in Germany as the Rover 2.0 GTi (petrol) or GTD (diesel).Picture kindly supplied by Henk Schuuring

Morris Marina
Home market name: based on Morris Ital

The Morris Ital was going to be called the “Morris Marina Ital”, until Michael Edwardes ordered that the Marina tag be dropped. Not so on this version, though: contemporary with the Ital but built in Portugal, it used a 1489cc diesel engine producing just 37bhp, resulting in a top speed of less than 70mph.Picture kindly supplied by Graham Arnold

Huandu CAC6430
Home market name: based on Morris Ital

Chinese market Morris Ital. 

Picture kindly supplied by Alexander Beyer

This page was contributed by Declan Berridge

Keith Adams


  1. The Chinese certainly got it right christening the Ital /Marina the ‘CAC’ 6430. Sums the car up nicely!!

  2. I had a Marina Coupe and the gearbox was shite.
    My dad had the saloon and he named his Marina “the Heap”.

  3. Oh my, I had an Austin Marina, it was my first car. I had so many breakdowns in that car but also a lot of good memories. When the fan came thru the hood I decided to give my daddy back the keys. Lol

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