Adventures in the marvellous Mini of doom!

Dave Smart

Wenceslas Square
Wenceslas Square

Day 12:
Heading South in Czech Republic

Again up at a reasonable hour. The hostel had free internet access and tea and coffee. I left Luke and John sorting out insurance issues and headed across town on the Metro, why can’t all city transport systems be as cheap as this? Around 75p for unlimited travel for 90 minutes, what a good idea. Anyway I got off in downtown and headed for a bus, bit of confusion but eventually got the right one in the right direction. Walked to the scrap yard and picked up the car, checked the levels and said goodbye to the Spido guys and headed for some spots around town to get pictures of the Mini.

I got a bit fed up with the traffic and headed South, initially aiming for a town called Ceske Budejovice. Some lovely roads took me there and on the way I spotted a large lake on the GPS and guessed there would be a campsite round there.

I booked in and drove to the camping part as this place seemed to be predominantly small chalets. The camping area was next to pine trees and I was a bit worried with the possibilities of midges, knowing how nasty they could be back in Scotland at this time of year. Once the tent was up I jumped back in the car and drove into town, I’m really glad I didn’t walk as it was a fairly main road which was very dodgy in the dark.

After a lovely meal I returned to the campsite and was savaged by the mosquitoes whilst trying to get from the car to the tent.

Keith Adams

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