Geneva 2012 : Range Rover Evoque Convertible

Words: Keith Adams Photography: Newspress

Range Rover Evoque Convertible concept
Range Rover Evoque Convertible concept

The Evoque Convertible might well be the answer to a question that no one’s yet asked, but if it goes into production, the chances are it’s going to sell. Currently listed as a concept, it’s clear that Land Rover has put a lot of thought into examining this untapped new market niche, and hopes to continue the Evoque’s huge commercial success globally.

The car is said to be very much the brainchild of Gerry McGovern, who is keen to stamp his identity on a design that was quite advanced when he took the top job at Land Rover. Customer clinicking of the new drop-top starts soon, and if production gets the go-ahead, it should be in the showrooms towards the end of 2013.


Keith Adams


  1. Looks a bit of a bath-tub on wheels; no doubt it will sell zillions (but I do like the Evoque with a lid)

  2. I will know why they will not show the car with the hood on!
    It will look most uggly! With the hood down it will look uggly!
    That car is really the answer to a question which nobody asked for!

  3. The car for people with zero taste and zero braincells, and drug dealers’ girlfriends. It is just to rival the equally tasteless Bini cabrio. No doubt it will come with a bottle of Ronseal Orange fake tan.

  4. I like it! For what the Evoque is and the market it is aimed at I’m sure it will be another sales success for JLR.
    Yes I can see it not looking anywhere near as good with the roof up but then IMO most drop tops looks suffer with the roof up.

    As for having no taste, there are much uglier cars out there, Nissan juke anyone? I have to dip my mirror if there’s one of those behind me.

  5. @Maffc You bring up the Juke’s appearance and undesirability, but I’d like a blast in a Juke-R. Top Gear raced one through Abu Dhabi against a 458 and an Aventador: guess which won.

    @Marty B IMO, the Bini Cabrio looks quite stylish. I wouldn’t buy it, but at least they aren’t Bini Coupés.

    Bit fat around the back end, but a nice vehicle nonetheless. Reckon it will sell well, amazingly in South-West Essex, Cheshire and Beverly Hills. Again, not my type, but a cool vehicle. Let’s just hope it’s as good with the top down!

  6. It looks good, I wouldn’t buy one but then I couldn’t afford one.
    Don’t be so negative, and who cares who buys it! It’ll make JLR money and help beat the germans.

  7. never mind the hairdressers new wheels what about the venetian red Real Mans DC100 thing in the background??? alex

  8. As has already been said, this will be bought by bejewelled tarts and poseurs.

    But at least it will sell and the quality should be very good thereby safeguarding a lot of jobs somewhere.

  9. I hope they make it. It’ll sell and sell, it will to make lots of money for the people that work at Halewood and Gaydon and it will win a lot of new business for the nearest thing that we have to a volume British manufacturer.

    It’s ugly though…

  10. Read today the Auto Bild (in Britain Auto Express)!
    They wrote about the new Evoque cabrio: The uggliest Car of the motor show!
    I am not a fan of the Auto Bild but here they said the right thing!

  11. Congratulations to Gerry McGovern and his team at JLR for what looks like it will be a raging success. This guy knows his stuff and has already brought us popular cars like the MGF & Land Rover Freelander, it would be a foolish man who bet against this being one of the next big things.

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