News : Morgan reveals Brooklands editions


Morgan has introduced Brooklands racing circuit-inspired V6 Roadster and a 3 Wheeler, each limited to a production run of 50 cars. The new special editions celebrate the ancestry of British racing cars and their styling and come in a number of special colour combinations and satin finishes.

The V6 Roadster is available in Jaguar Brooklands Green and is contrasted by a Speed Silver Satin hood and radiator grille with silver window frames. A black stitched leather interior will be set off by a special Brooklands steering wheel, light silver gauge bezels, a sculpted box cover and more space for the pedals. The Roadster costs £40,000.

The 3 Wheeler also comes in Jaguar Brooklands Green, but a polished body with extra rivets will also be offered as a cost option. Each car includes a limited edition numbered dash plaque, an array of cost options, a Brooklands centenary book and an annual membership to the Brooklands Trust.


Roadster Standard Specification (from £40,000+VAT ex-factory)

  • Jaguar ‘Brooklands’ green Body
  • Speed Silver Satin Bonnet and Cowl
  • Standard side screens A posts and cowl (silver) (see options list for NEW black)
  • Muirhead black leather (Matching stitch ) with perforated centresBrooklands steering wheel
  • Silver light pod surrounds
  • Black Alloy Wheels
  • Aero Racing Green front splitter
  • Enamelled Union Jack badge on bonnet
  • Black stonegaurd
  • Louvred back panel (+8 style)
  • Black hood
  • Black Bonnet Strap
  • New Performance Sports seats
  • Body colour (green) dash board
  • Black Rubber floor matts
  • ‘Brooklands racing circuit’ vinyl limited edition graphic on back
  • Limited edition numbered plaque on dashboard
  • NEW sculpted gearbox cover
  • NEW more pedal space
  • NEW gear lever position
  • Twin anti tramp bars
  • Adjustable gas dampers all round
  • Round mirrors
  • Brooklands centenary Book
  • Annual membership to the Brooklands trust

Optional Cost Extras (Prices + VAT)

  • Polished aluminium bonnets and cowl £950.00
  • ‘Black pack’ (glass house trims and head light surrounds) £120.00
  • 4x Alloys with silver accents £1200.00
  • 4x Stainless wires £1900.00
  • As above, including spare wheel £2475.00
  • 4x black ‘Sport’ wires £1500.00
  • As above, including spare wheel £1975.00
  • Sports exhaust (Aftermarket) £1116.15

3 Wheeler Standard Specification (Price £TBC. Sept 2013 Launch)

  • Jaguar ‘Brooklands’ green Body
  • Polished cowl
  • Brooklands steering wheel
  • NEW Brooklands exhaust (after market) in polished finish
  • Black bonnet strap
  • Enamelled Union Jack badge on bonnet
  • Black Tonneau cover
  • Black pleated leather
  • Polished engine
  • Black Roll hoops, lamps, and details etc)
  • Black leather
  • Black Rubber floor matts
  • ‘Brooklands racing circuit’ vinyl limited edition graphic
  • ‘Brooklands racing circuit’ embossed graphic on dashboard leather
  • Brooklands centenary Book
  • Annual membership to the Brooklands trust

Optional Cost Extras (Price £TBC. Sept 2013 Launch)

  • NEW fully Polished body with extra rivets
  • Intercom system
  • Heated seats
  • TOAD immobiliser
  • Leather storage pockets


Keith Adams


  1. Very nice, but given the choice (and the budget!) I’d go for a standard edition 3 wheeler in matte burgundy, with RAF roundels and ‘shark’ graphics- normally I’m not a fan of ‘stick on’ decals- as on many cars such as the BINI, they are an expensive way of making a car look cheap and tacky, but they really look good on a Morgan 3 Wheeler.

  2. Chris@4
    Please think carefully before saying such harsh and hurtful words. I’ve just spent 10 minutes out in the drive patting my little Bini’s nose and telling her you didn’t mean it.
    For goodness sake – cars do have feelings you know!

  3. They don’t need to worry about TOAD (as they call him), he never really existed. He never stole any cars.

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