News : High-power Evoque set for launch in Geneva

Range Rover Evoque Autobiography

The Range Rover Evoque Autobiography will be launched at the Geneva Motor Show and it promises to be the most focused version yet, with more power and sharper responses – giving the car real GTI-matching pace. The Dynamic derivative is powered by a 282bhp version of the Evoque’s 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine, with keener response promised from its nine-speed ZF transmission.

The steering of the Autobiography Dynamic has been specially tuned for additional on-centre precision; the chassis also features upgraded suspension geometry, firmer spring rates and recalibrated adaptive dampers, increasing agility and turn-in response. This has said to have been achieved without upsetting the Evoque’s ride quality. Larger 350mm front discs and Torque Vectoring by Braking (TVB) are standard.

The Autobiography Dynamic sports a new premium grille design, lower front valance, headlights and tail lamps, and 20-inch forged alloys. Inside, the Autobiography Dynamic is equipped with a leather interior in a selection of six colour palettes. Customers can choose from a dynamic plus leather interior with either sports or premium climate seats and a choice of four colours. Headrests feature an Autobiography embossed logo whilst Autobiography illuminated tread plates greet you as you open the door.

More will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show…

Keith Adams


  1. 282bhp from a 2 Litre Turbo… sounds impressive. Years ago, I never imagined such power would be possible from a 2 litre. I recall the late 1970s Datsun 280ZX produced 140bhp from 2800cc. How times change.

  2. ho ho ho shades of Tomcat – 282bhp version of the Evoque’s 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine 🙂 alex

  3. @ Chris C:

    I agree with you. Twenty Years ago when the Autobiography name was introduced, it emphasised bespoke luxury and colour – a strategy that continued and evolved, even through different wood trims with the P38 generation model right up until 2008 when the name was applied to a regular mainline production third generation Range Rover variant. Then it appeared on and off for the Range Rover Sport from 2010.

    Sadly it no longer emphasises bespoke luxury and colour applied by the Special Vehicles division. Imagine how the owner of a ‘genuine’ Range Rover Autobiography with a special paint finish and special colour and grades of leather and wood lovely completed by the Special Vehicles division must feel when they park next to a ‘regular’ Range Rover Autobiography completely mainline built. Today it would be a bit like Volkswagen calling their high-end luxury Passat or Phaeton model the Mulliner. Thankfully Volkswagen would not do this (and Bentley would not likely allow them to either, let alone produce a regular production Bentley Mulliner variant).

  4. Still looks good, although I doubt that there is that much demand for petrol powered 4×4’s in western Europe. No doubt the Russians and Chinese will lap them up, good on ’em.

  5. Lovely, yes please. Some are quick to dismiss because it’s not what they would want but what a great looking machine.

  6. 280 bnp from a 2 l engine says that head gaskets must be under a bit of pressure? Will it be a bit of a K series engine in that respect?

    It looks nice but is any of its additional performance useable?
    Each to their own.

  7. @ Simon – Comment 9:

    ‘Autobiography’ used to be a stand-alone identity that signified bespoke luxury through special colour and trim actions prepared by the Special Vehicles division to individual orders. Because of this it quickly became a well regarded moniker and help elevate the luxury image of the Range Rover even further.

    In more recent years it has become associated more with mainline variants than bespoke finish Range Rovers, with the name also being attached to further derivative identities such as ‘Ultimate’ (as in the built-to-order L322 Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition)and now ‘Dynamic’ in the form of the rather long-winded Evoque Autobiography Dynamic. This suggests the Autobiography name on its own does not command the same cachet or association with be-spoke personalisation as it once did.

    At others:

    Perhaps this new Range Rover Evoque concept should be called the Vitesse instead to emphasise its performance credentials? After all, there was a limited edition Range Rover 4.6 Vitesse unveiled in 1997 for sale in the North American market and it certainly had a high impact profile, mainly through the two available colours and distinctive colour-coded front bumper lower valance.

  8. @14 David… I agree, Vitesse would be a good name (always liked it on the 60’s Triumph, then Rover SD1 and 216 models.) Not sure if they could use it legally though – perhaps.

  9. @ Hilton D – Comment 18:

    A good point although the Austin Motor Company first used the Vitesse name, albeit briefly on their 20hp model, in 1914 for one year only. That could add further to the intrigue!

    Failing that there is always HST or Red Edition as an alternative new, consistent use sub-brand identity for Very High Performance Range Rover Derivatives.

  10. @ Chris Pryor 280HP from a 2L turbocharge, that is nothing comparing to Daimler M133 with 360HP, maybe Daimler should join to the team “Head Gasket Failure”…

  11. yeah we all thought the rover tomcat was good at 200 hp but Subaru and mitzi and have been priming big HP out their engines for a while. so IM sure 280 is attainable. it really comes down to how well built the engines and materials are. If they are well built then they should be able to handle it for a while anyway. alex

  12. The Evoque will never be a proper competitor for the usual suspects until it has the option of a 6 cylinder engine, whether diesel or petrol

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