Video : Victoria Beckham on her Evoque

The exclusively designed Range Rover Evoque Special Edition is the result of a collaboration between Land Rover Design, led by Gerry McGovern with Victoria Beckham, winner of the coveted Designer Brand of the Year award at the 2011 British Fashion Awards.

Victoria was appointed Creative Design Executive in July 2010 and has worked with the Land Rover design team under the direction of Design Director Gerry McGovern over the past 18 months to create her Special Edition.

Watch this documentary to find out more about the design of the Range Rover Evoque Special Edition directly from Gerry McGovern and Victoria Beckham.

Keith Adams


  1. Can’t believe JLR went ahead with this. She’s no more a designer than I am. I bet poor Gerry lost hair reworking her mad ideas into something tangible.

    I see she still pouts like a 2 year old and is medically underweight.

    All it does is appeal to the TOWIE crowd and who wants to appeal to that load of vacuous eejits?

    Back in the real world has EIGHTY GRAND to spend on a car they could buy for less than Thirty?

    Of course if it takes off MG will probably get Kerry Katona for the 6….

  2. “Victoria was appointed Creative Design Executive in July 2010”

    Spen King must be turning in his grave. He passed away the month before. At least he did not have to see the term ‘Range Rover designer’ debased by Mrs Beckham.

  3. Bottom line for me is that the standard Evoque is an unattractive expensive car. After this tweaking it is now… an unattractive VERY expensive car.

    Perhaps it will sell well in America. And Chelsea. Anywhere were the money/taste ratio is out of kilter with sanity.

  4. Firstly, I’m the most bling adverse person around (unless it’s on a 70’s Caddi Fleetwood) and I can’t see the problem.

    I think it’s subtle and very un-flash and shouty.

    There’s been worse special additions done (Harods XJ anyone?)

  5. Yes it is insanity, but so are the hugely expensive BMW, Audi and Merc limited edition models such as AMG, M sport and RS versions of mass produced cars. Land Rover is following the money and bling products are selling to very wealthy buyers in Asian and US markets. I’ve just bought a Rover 75 Club SE with 22,000 miles and 1 careful owner for 1300 quid so I am not the target market! However if this helps fund a new Jaguar 3 series or a Rover P7, or TCV then JLR will be back in the volume game in the 20-30k price bracket they have abandoned to the German premiums. With Sweden finished there is only us left to compete in the premium executive sector that we created with the Triumph 2000 and Rover 2000 of 1963. Bring it on and take the fight to the Audi A4 and BMW 3 series. There are a million units worldwide up for grabs – let JLR get 100,000 of them please.

  6. People on this site can moan all they want,but a limited addition model with the Beckham name involved will sell like hot cakes.

  7. This whole Range Rover debacle involving VB (the acronym for Victoria Bitter in this part of the world) is just making me puke. God, I hate that woman! I read somewhere that they’re pushing her Evoque in China – they’ll have to because I don’t see how they’ll sell ’em in civilised countries…

  8. I am not the target market for this..
    but …as Simon Weakley says it will sell. Why is likely to appear on my driveway? Because my wife wants it. Not a problem to me. Not my cup of tea, but I don’t drink camomile (did I spell that right?)

  9. I cannot see the point in Vic Beckham being involved in the cosmetic trim of an Evoque. These celebrities are over indulged and giving her the title “Creative Design Exec” is laughable! I’m sure her celeb mates will want one, so good luck to them!

  10. What is the fascination with this woman? I have never met anyone who takes her seriously as a so called ‘designer’… In fact I am convinced my three year boy is as much of a designer as Victoria Beckham.

    I don’t think Beckham even connects with demographic for which the Evoque is aimed at; maybe if we had a Ford Ka Beckham things could be more credible in the sales department.

    However bottom line is, this isn’t about selling the actually car on show in the photograph, it’s about talkablity and alkability is a very effective form of marketing; oh look we’re all talking about the Evoque. Job done!

  11. I’m going to stick my head above the parapet and say that I like that special edition! It’s very understated and muted in gunmetal grey with black accents, compared with the shiny bling of the usual Evoques that you see. Quite restrained really.

    Not that my opinion counts as my usual car buying budget probably wouldn’t stretch to the cost of a set of floor mats for the Evoque!

  12. Don’t mind the car, but I wouldn’t part with £100k for anything with her name on it, I’m too used to seeing her name on bottles of perfume in the Superdrug bargain bin… Not selling it for me I have to say, I’d hoped they quietly dropped this idea since the Evoque is a runaway success but sadly not, I think their PR people need a slap!

  13. @ J181 – I agree, I don;t think they have a clue who this woman appeals to, I’d be very surprised if it was anyone who has a spare £100k to splash out on, but having said that, I’d be surprised if every one of these models didn’t end up in the US. They certainly have a much bigger segment of celebrity society that are both rich and incredibly common. I mean, they even think this woman is a dress designer? What she actually is a daft, egotistical woman who draws dollies with dresses on in crayon and then some talented dress maker who has toiled and studied to nail the fine art of dressmaking goes and makes them for her in a chinese sweatshop.

  14. The car looks great IMO, and using the 2D women I would have thought was quite a shrewd move, she is very popular.

  15. Have I slipped into an alternate reality? I have checked my calender and it’s not april the first. Is Victoria Beckham really the best designer LR could find for this? really? honestly? have they lost their mind? I really would like to know exactly how much input she actually had. I suspect she has just picked from a list of options that LR already had set out. I actually quite like the design and look of the car, and all credit to VB if she ACTUALLY had any input, but cynical old me thinks that she is just the face the advertising bods are sticking on to this car.

  16. You have to accept that there are people out there that have £80k tto spend on a car like we would £9.99 to spend on a CD. As for Vic Beckham, I didn’t think much of her at first, with her pouting, moody stances but then she was on Comic Relief with David & Ali G and they were totally going along with Ali G’s fun and weren’t in the slightest taking themselves seriously. look for it on youtube!

    I think she’s great now.

  17. As posted on another link relating to this special edition, I, too, like this special edition for its creative and imaginative use of colour and trim features.

    Forget the rhetorical involvement of Mrs Beckham as ‘merely’ a consultant rather than fully-fledged (or qualified to graduate level) car designer, and there is some real inspiration in this vehicle. All of which is quite tastefully executed.

    Yes, it will undoubtedly sell although most examples will likely find a home in North America and China where brand Beckham is at its strongest. It will also act as a ‘halo’ offering to inspire more Evoque customers to ‘design their own’ example using Land Rover personalising options and official accessories, all of which will make even more money for Land Rover and further support UK-based jobs.

    Despite its likely huge on-the-road price compared to an entry level Evoque, Land Rover is clearly making some good money out of this tie-up and also helping to further fuel demand for the Evoque in important export markets. This can only be good news for the company and jobs based at Halewood.

  18. Will this car make a big profit for JLR? Almost certainly yes, So what’s the problem?

    Anyway, it could’ve been worse: how about getting Lady GaGa to do it?

  19. Pity Keith Moon is dead.. although his version would have to come with a swimming pool to park it in..

  20. Re 21: What on earth gives you the right to slag Mrs Beckham in such an ill-mannered way? Clearly, you have never met her, and have no idea what she is actually like.
    She is neither daft, nor egotistical.

    Clearly, you have the manners of a low grade tea-boy.

  21. I’ve met her… and I have to say that VB has done a great job of managing her business and family. Also, the Evoque tie-up works well. The changes to the Evoque are well judged, and from what I hear, the car’s selling well, with 15 finding new homes on press day at the Beijing Motor Show.

    Cars like this are generating money and jobs for UK PLC… as well as helping create something very cool out of Land Rover as a whole. What’s not to like? Especially as people are buying these.

  22. I’ve met her as well, many many years ago now!, not posh at all! but I’d not say ‘common’ either relativly normal actually (given that was at the height of ‘Spice’)! but Mr and Mrs Beckham are the least objectionable ‘celebrities’ I can think of would not surprise me to find David in a Pub, being normal. However I can’t like this debasement of LandRover core values, but if it makes money and helps the bank balance it’s acceptable!

  23. “It feels very much in keeping with what I do a brand.” You’re not a brand Victoria, you’re ……

  24. Conran did the interior for the first Discovery. Victoria Beckham now for this Evoque special edition.

    No problem with this. Land Rover have made expensive special editions of the Range Rover for years (as have other third parties such as Monteverdi).

    Seems like good business sense and in keeping with what has been done in the past.

  25. I’ve never seen BMW, Audi or even Mercedes sink to these lows – but if it brings in the money from the USA and the Chelsea/Theydon Bois set then jobs a good’un.. The Chinese might view the tie-up as a curiosity but certainly in Europe, Australasia, the Middle East and South Asia, they’d never swallow it….

  26. I hate to be unsentimental, but the last time I checked making money was actually a legitimate objective for a car maker.

    So the Evoque is a warmed over Freelander which sells for almost twice the price. That’s the point – it’s profitable. And boy do they sell, in London it’s THE car to have.

  27. Interesting….The Evoque isn’t a car I would want, then again I have little interest in modern cars anyhow.
    ‘VB’ as far as I know has no design qualifications nor has worked in any related industry.
    However neither of the above have much relevance;
    Cars in general now aren’t terribly elegant,
    Its not such a big deal for Victoria to add a splash of bling to the mix overseas customers love the Beckhams so they’ll sell plenty to the Chinese/Americans……GREAT!!! were selling expensive tat to foreigners CARRY ON!!

    • the word design has been corrupted, hijacked by “stylists” Alex Moulton was a designer, Issigonis was a designer, neither wore black turtle necks and big glasses

  28. Reminds me of Lord Linley, he calls himself a furniture designer; likely he hasn’t got a GCSE in woodwork. The furniture he sells in his Pimlico premises is backward, ungainly and often pointless, generally lacking in any knowledge or experience of industrial design.
    The point is, that we live in a Post Modernism world. Socialism is dead and with it has gone much good design. The Range Rover Evoque is a great example; practicality, ease of repair, longevity, low cost, all replaced by a pointless and very retrogressive white elephant. Evoques will line the lots of car dealers in 5years time as dealers struggle to get rid of the things.
    How strange and ironic that the Chinese who helped destroy so much of our industrial base will be the ones who buy many of these rolling anachronisms.

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