Video : Range Rover Sport takes on Spitfire

John Slavin


The latest Range Rover has won plenty if praise from the motoring press, AROnline included. Indeed, Land Rover is so proud of its creation that it decided that its curtain-raiser for this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed would be to challenge a Vickers Supermarine Spitfire to a drag race. 

The 1945 Spitfire has the Range Rover beat on raw power – its V12 Merlin engine produces 1750hp, against the 503bhp Supercharged V8 version of the latest Range Rover Sport – but the race involved a run up the runway and back down, so the Range Rover, with its tighter turning circle and all-wheel grip has an advantage. It’s still a closely run race – watch the video below to find out who won.

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  1. Excellent video….but never mind the RangeRover, just take in the sound of that V12 Merlin.

  2. After all these years people still love the Spitfire. It’s a symbol of the fight against oppression.

  3. I never tire of that sound of a Merlin engine.

    I hear it most weeks at my work (I work near Duxford museum so a few aircraft movements each week).

    Busy at the moment though as there is a big show on this weekend at Duxford so plenty of practice flights for the spitfire’s display on Saturday

    brum brum, yum yum

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