Car of the Month : October 2010

Its designer may have left us now, but the Rover 800’s crisp and honed ’80s lines will remain with us for a long time to come. Is Roy Axe‘s original 800 in its finest form?

Certainly the owner of this one, Alex Sebbinger, looks like the perfect man to keep this stunning Mk1A looking its best…

Words and pictures: Alex Sebbinger

A Sterling effort…

1989 Rover 214Si
A lovely car in a lovely setting…

S MANY regular readers of AROnline and the members of the MacDroitwich forum are no doubt aware, I have enjoyed something resembling a complete obsession for Rover 800s during the past 18 months. I still love them. However, I never have really talked about this car – that’s primarily because it’s largely been sitting unused and almost forgotten down at the Barn and it’s been overshadowed a little by some of the other amazing cars in my collection.

Anyway, when my Rover 800 purchasing spree was at its height, I bought what I considered (and still do) to be possibly the nicest example of the XX around. I purchased this car from a guy who goes by the name of ‘VeryTallBrad’ on a number of forums (he’s a truly excellent bloke) last Summer. He loves his Rover 800 collection, although it’s not as big as it once was – at its peak there must have been well over 50 examples in it!

I should go on to say that I have done this, that and the other to the car but that would be a fib. Truth be told, I got it and it’s been down the Barn ever since. I have just never used it. That’s a crying shame and a total waste. Today, I went to the Barn to take a load of photos of the fleet that are up for the ‘chop’ and ready for sale (I’m thinning down my collection, which is now in single figures for the first time in years!)

After getting this old girl out, dusting her off and checking her all over, I took these pictures. It is basically a MINT 64k mile 827 Mk1a Sterling that has Mk1b wheels which Brad fitted (he sourced them brand new). Everything works, apart from the a/c (which needs a re-gas and probably a condenser as they all do). There is not a scratch, not a blemish, anywhere on the bodywork. Inside is good, too.



Rover Sterling Car of The Month

Rover Sterling Car of The Month

Rover Sterling Car of The Month

Rover Sterling Car of The Month

Rover Sterling Car of The Month

Keith Adams


  1. The lines of this car are Japanese and characterless. They do not bear comparison to the P6, 2000 or SD 1.

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