Buying advice : How to do a VIN look-up

VIN Number Austin 1300 - How to do a VIN look-up

Looking to buy a classic car, and want to know exactly when and where it was built? If so, keep reading because just like in humans, where there is no better way to identify them than by their fingerprints, a car’s unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) holds the key to all of that information.

A car’s VIN is encoded in the same way fingerprints identify humans. This article aims to explain what a VIN is, and how to do a VIN lookup with a free VIN lookup service. The VIN is assigned to each vehicle. It can tell you a lot about the car, including its registrations by state, type of title, and any insurance claims against it.

You can check a VIN for free in several ways. Even if you are just curious about your current car’s history before you own it, you can get one. We use them here on AROnline to ascertain what the last MG Rover models are.

What is a VIN?

Vehicle Identification Numbers are also known as VINs or its chassis number. To identify a car, every car receives a unique code at the time of manufacture. The code serves as the car’s unique identifier or fingerprint. A VIN has 17 characters, including numbers and letters, which are usually printed on a single line. Your VIN number may be fewer than 17 characters if your vehicle was manufactured before 1981.

This character string does not include the letters Q, I, and O to prevent people from accidentally misreading them as 1s or 0s. There is no randomness in the VIN characters. A number of useful information can be found on these labels, such as the vehicle’s year, country, make and model, serial number, and factory.

MG ZT at CCA, front view

How to do a VIN lookup

There are three parts to the VIN at the moment. These parts contain specific information encoded in them. Before further breaking down the information, let’s examine these three parts. 

A vehicle’s World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) is the first three characters of the VIN. In the VIN, the first character indicates the place of manufacture of the vehicle. Its second and third characters indicate a vehicle’s manufacturer. 

The Vehicle Descriptor Section (VDS) consists of the next five characters. This information identifies the car’s details. Fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth characters represent these digits. Brands, body types, engine types, engine sizes, model numbers, and vehicle series are identified. 

The Identifier, containing nine characters, is the third segment. It identifies the car by serving as the serial number section. 

The ninth digit of the vehicle identification number is the security code that confirms that the vehicle manufacturer authorises the VIN. Next, we have the 10th character. In the 10th character, the date is set aside as the date at which the vehicle was manufactured. The assembling plant is indicated by the 11th digit. 

A vehicle’s serial number is determined by the last six digits of its VIN. It can take time to decode the different parts of a VIN. However, it is faster and more accurate to use an online VIN lookup service. 

How to Check VIN for Free

There are several services available for free that allow you to find any VIN. You can use EpicVin’s online VIN lookup service, for instance, to check a car’s VIN more quickly. To check the age and originality of a car, this free VIN lookup tool is used by individuals, businesses, insurance companies, public authorities, and car enthusiasts. 

EpicVin offers a free VIN lookup service that is easy to use. The VIN of any car can be found on the dashboard or on the door jamb on the driver’s side. Using the online VIN lookup tool, you can learn more about the car’s history based on its 17-digit VIN. 

Before you know it, you’ll know when and where your car was made.

Keith Adams