Concepts and Prototypes : Aria XPower SV

These pictures published on the Aria Group website depict a new sporting MG, which would have been based upon the Qvale Mangusta platform…

The Aria Group’s concepts for MG’s new sports car

What can be gleaned from these pictures? Very little, although it could well be that MGR commissioned the Aria Group to work on some Mangusta feasability proposals leading up to, or shortly after, the company’s takeover of the ailing Italian supercar producer.

Either way, the resemblance between these pictures and the definitive X80 prototype, which Appeared in Frankfurt in 2001 are too close to be purely co-incidental. would be extremely interested to hear from anyone with further information about Aria’s potential involvement with the X80…

MG Rover’s first press photo of the X80 concept

All pictures sourced from the Aria Group web site.

Keith Adams

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