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On this day BLMC had a product planning meeting. One of the matters discussed was the Triumph SD2.

Continuing evaluation of the programme and its implications came to a head on the 16th September 1974, when the Director of Product Planning, John Bacchus held a meeting of the management team behind the SD2 in order to address the fact that it looked like the car would not return a favourable profit.

The idea was to continue with the SD2 but wherever possible, make as many savings as possible , the engine choice was fixed with twin-carburettor versions of the O-Series engine, and after much deliberation on the matter of the gearbox, the plan was to use the 77mm gearbox as used in the SD1. Production targets were also dropped in order to give Rover-Triumph the option of selling the car for more, thus raising its profitability.

Keith Adams

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