News : Geneva 2017 – Jaguar I-Pace makes European debut

The Jaguar I-Pace, JLR’s Tesla Model X rival and confirmed for introduction in production form late in 2017, enjoyed its first public showing in Europe at the Geneva Motor Show. To celebrate its coming across the pond from the USA, it’s been resprayed a strident shade of red and was given centre-stage billing alongside the Range Rover Velar.

The I-Pace is hugely important for Jaguar, as it’s the company’s first fully electric vehicle. Dual compact motors at each axle drive all four wheels, powered by a liquid-cooled, 90 kilowatt-hour battery pack which can be charged via 50kW DC charging station in just over two hours.

Grace, pace and space

With around 400hp at the wheels, Jaguar says its £65k battery-powered SUV should hit 0-60mph in less than five seconds. Despite its pace, the I-Pace’s range should be around 310 miles between charge stops. The biggest news, though, is just how quickly the company plans to get it from the drawing board and into production.

Given the shifting political sands in relation with the car industry and vehicle emissions, it’s hugely important for Jaguar to get this one out – the success of the Tesla Model X is probably also a contributing factor to this car’s accelerated development. Be in no doubt – this is Jaguar’s future, and the 350 people who have put down deposits on this £65k+ car would seem to agree.

All photography, Andrew Elphick

Keith Adams


  1. If JLR can bring this to market ahead of the premium German brands this would be a great coup for them and further demonstration of the progress they are making. Going to take a while to get used to the shape but can’t argue with the packaging benefits of the drivetrain. Admire the people bold enough to put down the money for one.

  2. It will be the poor used car owner who will suffer from this obsession with electric cars as it will be him who has to fit a new battery pack. As we all know the battery pack only has a limited life. So when these cars come onto the used-car market they will have suffered eye-watering depreciation so that the new owner can but the car and also afford a new battery pack. In fact the used prices of all these electric cars is well above the norm. If it were not for the £5000 government subsidy I suspect sales would be even lower than they are.

  3. So the Jaguar stand is right next to the Ford stand. They must be having their Dho Homer moments over the pond.

    • Not only that, but the final pic reveals that the Aston and Volvo stands are right next to Ford and JLR as well.

  4. Is Jaguar in some kind of competition with itself to make each newly announced car even more hideous than the last?? Sir William Lyons must be spinning in his grave

    • I have to say I disagree with you on the I-Pace but generally you do have a point regarding electric vehicles – whay are they so damn ugly?

      The Toyota Prius, Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe and, especially, the BMW i3 are all truly hideous. Until this Jag, only the BMW i8 and Tesla range were fighting back!

  5. I’d be interested to know how much h the battery packs will be, the company I work for bought ten hybrid buses in 2011 and the batteries on those cost (I’m told) £50000 per bus, it was cheaper to convert them to diesel power than replace the batteries

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