CRX 2008: The preparations


Keith Adams and Andrew Elphick with Felicity – one broken suspension turret cup hasn’t dissuaded them
that they’re right to take this prime slice of Czech class…

Smoking it to and from work for the following week or so threw up no further worries – yes, the camshaft is chattering away like a malcontent, the brakes are spongy, the power steering pump is whining like a defensive politician and that mighty VAG power unit seems to be putting out about 50bhp tops. However, I reckon that she’ll get us there in one piece and, once we hit the Czech border, the old girl will be happy to be back home and no doubt develop a second wind.

Well, that’s the hope.

We’re aiming to raise oodles of cash for Great Ormond Street Hospital and you can give directly to the Charity on our Justgiving page – we’ve also come up with a theme which we hope to announce in the coming weeks. Finally, there’s a vacancy for a third seat – if you fancy coming along, don’t mind paying your way, and don’t have an aversion to awful driving, drop us a line via email, explaining why you’d be right for the event.

If you make Andrew and me laugh hard enough, you could be joining us…

Keith Adams

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