Czech Wrecks 2008: The background


THINK it’s an integral part of my CV these days – ‘taking inappropriate cars on adventures across Europe.’ You’d think that, at my age, I’d have grown out of the desire to hoon about across the channel, seeking out places I’ve never been before, just for laughs. Well, I haven’t and I’m happy that I’m still like this. After a trio of Staples2Naples rallies, I decided it was time to try something new – and, after missing out on Calais2Casablanca last year, I thought I’d give CzechWrecks a go this time round.

‘Why this one?” I hear you ask. Well, I love Central and Eastern Europe and, after briefly touching on Prague during a trip back from Poland in 2007, I realised I wanted to visit the Czech Republic once again and explore it properly. According to the official website, ‘This is an easy day as far as driving is concerned. We take the back roads of Bohemia into Prague. The drive is slow and steady through old towns. Oooooold towns. The roads prove interesting. Definitely different. Hey! Different can be good.”

Sounds good to me, so it was a case of job done.


Keith Adams

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