Events : Mini wins Classic Car of The Year at the NEC

Classic car of the year

Jason Field has won this year’s Classic car of The Year at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor show at the NEC in Birmingham. The 1960 Austin Se7en was built in Longbridge and is one of several classic Minis owned by himself and his wife Tanya.

The Mini saw off competition from a Jowett Javelin, a Hillman Imp, a pre-war Morris Minor and a Sunbeam Alpine. Jason said ‘It’s unbelievable that I’ve won.

‘It’s just sinking in now,’ He added. ‘When it got down to the final five and I read the stories associated with the other cars I thought ‘I’ll never win’ but it’s the car I always wanted. Of all the cars here, Ferraris, Porsches, whatever, this is my ultimate car. To win this has been phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal. I think I need a beer!’

Tanya Field added: ‘She is used reasonably regularly in the summer month and is always driven to where she’s going. Jason takes her to work at MINI Plant Oxford now and then, although he always takes a Mini of some description to work to join the MINIs in the car park.

‘The joy of owning her is that people come and tell you their Mini stories and it’s clear they really do enjoy looking at her. Part of the reason why winning with her is so lovely is that so many people are pleased that she won; Minis are or have been a part of so many peoples lives.’

The baby-blue Mini is truly stunning, with some wonderful period details included, such as the picnic basket on the back seat and a full set of British Motor Corporation road maps.

Keith Adams


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