Events : Report – BMC/BL Rally 2016, Peterborough

Keith Adams

Rover 200-400

Another year rolls past and, once again, the BMC/BL Rally serves to remind us that British Leyland, Rover, and even MG Rover are fact becoming ancient history. Despite all that, this popular – and open gathering – of all our favourite cars never seems to wane in its appeal. For 2016, the recipe continued pretty much as it always has, and long may that continue.

For 2016, AROnline dropped out of hosting its own stand, and it was good to spend time looking at the amassed ranks of cars taking up the same places on the field that they always have – Farinas nearest the entrance, Marinas beyond that, and spreading out to the younger cars towards the end of the field, towards the autojumble.


There were some good turn-outs – such as the Farinas, Maestro/Montegos and Rover 200/400 – and some not so good ones, such as the Austin 3-Litres (there were but two – understandably) and the Rover 600 (were there any?). Most importantly, though, the atmosphere was fantastic, the weather was great and the event was an opportunity for friends – old and new – to catch up and compare notes on this most noble of car interests.

We’ll upload more pictures and, if you have any you want to add, please email them across –  we’ll get them on the page for you.

Here are some of the previous events to enjoy:

Here’s a gallery:


Gallery by Alex Mathias

Keith Adams


  1. It Was another great day and for once a chilling and relaxing one, all helped by the stunning weather.

    Disappointed by the lack of of 600 models, they really do seam like the forgotten Rover.
    Great atmosphere and great to catch up with friends from afar even if I didn’t recognize one or two straight away (hey Keith).

  2. This was the first year I didn’t go.
    Maybe next year, and perhaps I will try and organise a stand as long as I get guarantees of a good turnout.

  3. Hi Keith,
    Yes a good day out and nice to meet up with you, Mike and Neil again, and a chance for them to reminisce over the Moonstone Rover 75 earlier Project Car…. still going strong!
    I’ll email over some photos shortly
    Kind regards

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