Event report : BMC/BL Rally, 2011

Keith Adams

The sun shone for the 18th running of the BMC/BL Rally at Nene Park in Peterborough. As usual, the turn-out of interesting cars produced by our company was as strong as ever, with a good cross section of old and neo-classic. The strong Farina contingent we’ve come to expect at this show seemed a little thinner, and in lieu of official attendance figures from the organisers, it does look like numbers might be down over previous years as the Pride of Longbridge takes its place as the pre-eminent BMC/BL event on the calendar.

But there were still plenty of highlights. The Marinas, Princess and Allegros once again took the centre stage, with some extremely pretty examples to get excited over. The stars were there in force – Collin Corke’s wonderful Allegro 1750SS predictably attracted a fair amount of attention, but it wasn’t alone, as out gallery below shows.

The automobilia boys were doing a brisk trade, also, and the AROnline Polski-Rover now has a brand new set of front foglights to go on…


Keith Adams


  1. Don’t think it’s a flash problem. More like JavaScript. Think it’s to do with hover as tablets don’t support it – only mouse out.

  2. The Farina element puts me in mind of the best ever review of the Glasgow Jazz Festival club “It’s got a late licence, if you can stand the noise.”

    Some absolutely splendid cars, also some endearing sheds, but I have the feeling that Pride of Longbridge is taking over as the premier BMC/BL meeting.

  3. Image 5899 is the best picture , the one with the red 1990 Morris Mini Mk2 replica , but then it is my car !

  4. It’s the Opaline Metro in pic 5885 that does it for me. Mine’s that colour and it’s been in bits for the last 11 years, and I feel sad every time I walk past it in the garage to get to the freezer! maybe one day it will wake up again………..

  5. Nice pics and selection of vechicles, I aggree nice pic of the Princess. One day I hope and visit the event.Thanks

  6. Who took the pic of a citron ?(P5 pug)No taste should have taken a pic of my lovely 1988 montego estate parked directly behind the citron,after all it did win a first prize at the show a few years back.!!!

  7. The C6 is interesting enough to include it in a slideshow of interesting and rare cars.
    Almost a modern day Princess.

    I would though question the inclusion of the Mazda 323?

  8. I adore the Marina TC Coupé in that magnificent metallic brown (Brazil?), with all the chrome finishes. Lovely!

  9. This was my fourth year (third with a Princess) coming over from Ireland to attend the event. I thought that the number of cars at it this year was way down on previous years.
    Still, it was a great day and nice to see Princess numbers way up!
    Here is my car by the way:

  10. Sorry to miss it this year-too many household chores got in the way. Took the Amby along to the Ace Cafe Classic night, Tuesday 9th, instead.

  11. Great to see such a fine cross section of cars including all our favourites of yesteryear. As long as enthusiasts do their bit, BMC/BL etc will live on!

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