News : MG3 Crossover in the showrooms now

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MG3 Crossover in the showroom now
MG3 Crossover in the showroom now

The MG3 hasn’t officially launched yet, but according to China Car Times, that has not stopped dealers from sending out pictures of the cars as they sit on showroom floors.

The MG3 Crossover will come as a 1.5-litre vehicle with the same AMT gearbox as the regular version; a 1.3-litre will not be available. Obviously being a crossover vehicle it has had its suspension raised ever so slightly and black plastic cladding added to its exterior – interestingly the Crossover gets side impact curtains bringing total airbags to five.

Pricing is from around 95,000rmb (£9000) and rising, but we will confirm when the car is officially on the market.

[Source: China Car Times]


Keith Adams


  1. Interesting, i like the front and sides but the back is not quite right, wonder if the UK will get this as a streetwise replacement?

  2. yes please, now i do like that, i think colours will make the car look better i would like to see it is a rich dark blue

  3. Hideous sub kia styling that has nothing to do with the MG badge or history – looks cheap and nasty IMHO. The MG6 i can understand and it does seem to have some sort of British feeling to it, but this is just a modern Chinese vehicle.

  4. I still hate the door handles which look dated already. Everyone has pull type ones these days. Apart from that I like it.

  5. Doesnt look too bad, bit like a cross between a Grande Punto and a Nissan Almera Tino but those alloys look far far too small make the whole thing look over bodied and slab-sided

  6. That could sell reasonably well – shame it hasn’t part time 4wd since there’s a market in rural areas for cheap small 4wd’s that only Suzuki and Fiat are catering for, especially now that Daihatsu are leaving the UK.

    Was it styled in the UK? Front chin spoiler looks a bit vulnerable.

  7. Judging by sales of the Nissan Qashqow, it would sell well in the SUV-obsessed UK.

    (ps. Didn’t realise Daihatsu were leaving Europe, so some interesting info from Chris C. Wonder how the other Japanese manufacturers can survive with the strong Yen?)

  8. I’ve previously slagged this car off.. And I still think it’s doomed over here.. BUT!

    That actually looks quite good and I think it’d sell in this guise. The pictures above are very clever though.. The part of this car that ages / detracts from it the most is the C pillar arrangement.. Can’t really see it above.. Very clever 😉

    They really are aiming at Skoda aren’t they? Fabia Scout, anyone? That launch colour looks familiar as well… It might as well be made of cake!

  9. It looks petty good,if its is priced correctly in that section of the market it should do well.Would aggree with earlier coment perhaps require other colours to enhance the MG3 Crossover. Thanks, keep up the good work on this site.

  10. Dr Bobby Love – August 8, 2011

    Remind me – which came first, the Streetwise or the Fabia Scout?

  11. Actually, I thing that somebody in Longbridge or in China is reading this. And I’m sure they will take care of our posts. The front is good, but not really inherited. I thing that the front must look like MG ZR, but before 2004 facelift. And the back is really Reanult 5, or Punto or… The back of Rover 200 was not the best, but it was remarkable, that’s why they didn’t try to change it. And I’m sure that European MG 3 will be an exclamation mark of the new MG history.

  12. Mark,

    Well,.. Yeah,.. But I was speaking more on a looks basis then concept basis, and the fact that the MG3 has been actively aimed at the Fabia.

  13. Look at the size of the rear window! If there’s a truck behind you, you’re completely in the dark. Challenges SsangYong for bad looks.
    ‘Laughably shite’ says it al indeed…

  14. The rear is awful. The rear window is tiny. Visibility must be appalling. The overall styling is worse than on the standard MG3, but will probably appeal to people these days…

  15. In a word RUBBISH love the over use of plastic probably looses a few mpg then they can then put the word SPORT on it. Stop churning rubbish like this out they won’t sell just like the fleets of SHITE sorry MG6 that I have yet to see on any british roads, are they actually on sale???????? or are they priced to fail keeping up with the MGR death nail.

  16. I think, actually, despite what seems to be the general opion, this car is quite well styled. Yes, it is a small econobox, and breaks from all MG tradition, but if you think of MG as new brand it compares well with rivals from SEAT and Skoda for example. I think it’s a far better looking car than the Streetwise ever was, and should sell OK if the pricing stays good for the UK market. I agree with dolomitefan about the door handles – perhaps something like the current Honda Civic’s would be better, but they’re only a tiny part of the car, and I’m not sure how many of the people it’s aimed at these days would even notice them. Wheels also look a bit small, but I think with better rims it’s actually a decent enough car for today’s market.

  17. Looks ok I reakon. wierd how colours change things. also weird how it looks better than its larger sibling (the unfortunate MG6) alex

  18. I’m really quite fond of that orange ya know.. at 1st it reminded me of the Fabia’s launch colour….. but actually, the more I look at it, and after glancing one of the other stories on the welcome page…

    Ford Escort mk2/3 Baked Bean orange FTW!

    I KNEW 70’s colours would make a come back…. Brown’s very popular at the minute! That Fiesta Purple isn’t to far out of the 70’s either!

  19. I had my reservations about the MG name appearing on an SUV of any kind, but this one looks OK (reminiscent of the new Kia Sportage with the small windows) and would fit right into the same niche as the Daihatsu Terios. Not sure how well it would do against its competition from Skoda and Nissan.

  20. Oh joy.. A Hi-and-die i30 and a Fiat Punto got it on at a party – then the result took fashion advice from a Streetwise. Yum. I cant wait til Clarkson gets a hold of this..
    Didnt MG used to stand for something more than Mucho Ghastly.

    Isnt there a saying about silk purses and sows ears? Right now the part of the pig I am thinking of is on the boar at the other end – but the principle applies..

    “You cant make a silk purse out of a boars ____-___”

  21. According to the China Car Times the electric concept will be MG1 when in production, images of cars under test.

  22. Oh ack.. Just noticed the proud ‘Morris Garages’ sign behind the monstrosity. Thats going waaay too far. IIRC MG never in its history was badged as literally Morris Garages, so not only have they nicked the name, penned and built this monstrosity, theyve even missed the whole point of the MG badge in the first place.
    I loathe BMW even more than I do iPhone fanbois, but it has to be said, even BMW at their worst never made such an utter pigs ear of their product legacies. For me to admit that, its almost a road to damascus experience (I mean the Saul thing, not the losing your exhaust in a pothole and then running over a landmine).
    First the Mini ClubbedSeal then the joys of MG6 and now this… Will the horror never end?

  23. Actually, Streetwise was a pretty good car – especially with the diesel unit. Sold well too and kick started a pretty dormant market sector.

  24. Yuk!

    Hideous Daihatsu / Kia / Hyundai clone. Badge may attract some pipe smoking pensioners who still believe MG is a British marque. But then they would probably have bought an i10 anyway.

    It’s not fit to wear the badge.

  25. I’m sorry, I don’t think I can describe the rear end of that car without using a rude word. It’s bloody hideous!

    Now, I have no problems with MG entering this sector – as has been pointed out above, us Brits seem to like the Qashqai or however it’s spelled – but this seems to be MG’s effort to out-ugly the Nissan Juke, the only car currently on sale that appears to have been styled specifically to scare small children.

    And from the back, they’ve succeeded. If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to bleach my eyes.

  26. the chinese mg owners better get it to longbridge quick they have stopped building the mg6 due to poor sales till sept 8th according to local manufacturing employees.

  27. years ago mg meant something it seems our brothers from overseas dont seem to grasp what mg is to the british people and fellow europeans. we live very close to the mg plant and we are yet to see one driving around its time longbridge was an effective car producing plant with good quality vehicles providing employment for many local people , today it carries 25 manufacturing employees and 400 engineers which were employed by saic before longbridge kicked on they were just transferred and part of ricardo. behind the scenes listening to current employees longbridge is run down and needs millions of investment to bring up to a modern facility thats why they send them 34built because what was taken from longbridge is the facilities they build on in china.

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