Events : Report – British Cars & Lifestyle 2018

Here, at AROnline, we like events dedicated to all kind of British cars. Each March the British Cars & Lifestyle show is held near the small Dutch town of Rosmalen. Alexander Boucke takes a look…

For more than 25 years, Anglophile car enthusiasts from Netherlands, Belgium and the lower Rhine area of Germany take their cars and families and converge at the Autotron in Rosmalen, Netherlands. The comfortable hall with space for about 200 trade stalls and 20 club displays attracts more than 10,000 visitors during the weekend; this year, the show was held on 10-11 March.

Ignoring the Lifestyle bit of the show for a moment, the car club displays on the upper gallery proved a good starting point for the visit. It is one of very few events outside the British Isles where the unsuspecting visitor may find Austin A35s, Morris Oxfords, Ford Cortinas and BMC 1100s along the more common sports and luxury cars from Jaguar, MG and Triumph.

One of the highlights for us at AROnline was most certainly seeing a rare Woodall Nicholson Kirklees limousine on display by the Dutch Austin Morris Riley Wolseley Register. The clubs’ area was particularly lively, as the show was the first meeting of the year for many clubs.

Already on the upper floor the first stalls tempted punters to part with their money in exchange for old car models or brochures – or, in case of an empty space in the garage, to take one of many reasonably priced cars home. Offerings started less than €10,000 and included rarities like a Triumph 2500PI saloon or a modern classic in the shape of a Rover 200 BRM special edition.

On the ground level, the majority of trade stalls was arranged around a replica of a British pub, which took pride of place in the centre spot of the hall. A wide range of tools and spares, antiquities and decorations, automobilia and British food as well as an array of cars from large and expensive Bentleys to affordable Spitfires and Minis really offered something for the whole family.

On the outside, behind the back of the hall, two more attractions had their place. The Land Rover Experience was hosting a very compact, but nevertheless challenging playground for the newest Discovery. The other was the now separated classic car parking area – always adding some nice spots to be detected.

At the end of an enjoyable day, we grabbed a bag of original English fudge to keep us happy on the way home.

Alexander Boucke


  1. Thanks to Alexander for sharing his pictures with us… looks interesting. I particularly like the Triumph 2500Pi (Russet Brown?), the Escort MK1 Estate, the MG1100 & Morris Oxford plus the Rover 200 BRM

  2. Great thanks guys! Yesterday we found out that the vitesse had actually made the british newspapers with a picture from the event. So cool!

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