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Somewhere in the Alps, the Bangers will rally again in 2012
Somewhere in the Alps, the Bangers will rally again in 2012 - and here, the AROnline Rover 800 chases down a Golf GTI on the Stelvio Pass...

The 2012 rally season officially starts on 1 November at 10.00am, when the sign-ons for next year’s Staples2Naples Banger Rally (for wage slaves) opens on StreetSafari’s swish new website. Regular readers will know all about Staples2Naples – the four-day event where you get to drive sub-£250 bangers from Calais to (somewhere near) Naples, taking in a number of challenges, and driving on some of the best Alpine passes known to man.

In short, it’s an amazing event, and one that AROnline has regularly competed in – in all manner of ‘exciting’ cars. For 2012, the event celebrates its 10th birthday and organizer Justin Clements is promising that this one will be truly special, as it’s going to by StreetSafari’s only European event in 2012.

He said: ‘What to expect from Staples2Naples 10th Anniversary? As expected, all the signature quirkiness that makes a StreetSafari Banger Rally, plus a few new twists along the way. Costumes are always in, along with the legendary water pistol fight. Car value stays at £250, but the age limit rises to 1998 (S reg). Costumes are announced closer to the event date. Remember that water pistols need to be big!’

Of the route, he added: ‘We will be tracing our historic route of Calais-Sarnen-Aprica-Viterbo-Naples. Oh yes, Naples is back on the menu! We were considering a return to Pinetamare, if only for nostalgia’s sake. But considering that most of the nostalgia surrounding this broken down 1970s Mafia retreat (no lie!) involves a rather bizarre odyssey that includes an argument with a local don, a demolition derby outside the restaurant, the selling of cars to 14 year old Italian kids, the crash of said 14 year olds on the roundabout, one team’s heroic clash with the hotel fence (Fence 1, Team 0), another team’s inadvertent fire involving a throttle peddle and a brick (long story), we’ve decided to go to another part of Naples. One where they don’t know us.’

With all of StreetSafari’s efforts concentrated on Staples2Naples in 2012, it’s going to be bigger and better than ever – and we’ve already booked our place on the event. And remember, spaces are limited, so when they are gone, they’re gone!

Visit StreetSafari's new website to sign-up for S2N 2012
Visit StreetSafari's new website to sign-up for S2N 2012
Keith Adams


  1. I am up for this. I am very tempted to take my beige Acclaim down to Naples too.

    Who is coming from AROnline?

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