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Keith Adams

Ask AROnline here...
Ask AROnline here...

Over the weekend, I did some more fiddling with the website, and added another feature, which I hope you’ll enjoy using. It’s the bbPress system, and the idea behind it is simple – once you’ve logged-in to AROnline as part of your top tool-bar, you’re able to add posts yourself to the website, which will show up on these pages. You can use this area to post pictures, leave comments and ask us questions.

It’s the latter point that I really hope the bbPress feature brings to the party. We’re already getting significant debate from our 1000-plus active Facebook usergroup, and the feedback on these very pages is also exceptionally fun and lively to join in with. As someone commented today, AROnline is a nice community, and I like to think that it’s because everyone is welcome to join in, no matter what their car interests are.

Adding bbPress just adds yet another dimension to this, and I hope people will feel happy and confident to dip into. There are no rights and wrongs in terms of what you ask us… it’s just a friendly place to post your thoughts. And before you ask, the old forum isn’t gone – and it’s not even closed down. And all the content on there will remain safe. I may be transferring the invaluable precious archive material from it to the main website, but it won’t be leaving there.

To get involved, just log-in (if you don’t have a user, just grab one from the panel on the right under ‘Your AROnline’), and either hit the ‘Have your say’ link on the left, go to the Have Your Say links on the right, or just select ‘New Post’ from the toolbar at the top of your screen.

Don’t say we don’t give you enough options.

Keith Adams


  1. Anyway Keith, is this a way of steering off Facebook? Otherwise why have it, the forum, Facebook, twitter, the comments facility?

  2. Just wanted to say as a child of the seventies and a life long car nut whose life has been (and continues to be)touched by many BL / AR products despite the fact I should know better, what a great web site you have and a great community. I discovered you by accident one lunchtime at work 5 years ago and have never looked back. Keep up the good work!

  3. It was interesting that out of all of the people at dinner on our table in Bucharest a couple of months ago, I was the only one with a Facebook account…

    Very interesting indeed.

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