Events : London-Cape Town, day eight

Keith Adams

After a week, the teams now touch down into Africa. This is where things should start to get even more challenging

Day eight
Alexandria, Egypt

The cars about to disembark the ferry into Egypt
The cars about to disembark the ferry into Egypt

After 36-hours at sea, the teams have arrived in Africa. Getting a car into Egypt is a bureaucratic nightmare, and that’s a challenge for first thing tomorrow… But that’s after the ferry gets into port safely!

The harbour of Alexander the Great and Cleopatra is littered with the wrecks of ships where other captains got it wrong – the various mistakes in navigation in recent years are plainly on view off the port side, with containers being pounded by waves of cargo-ships lurched to one side. Egypt’s paralysed authorities are incapable of organising a salvage of the wrecks that have turned the route to the quay into such a tricky obstacle-course.

Today is an easy transport day past Cairo to a hotel beside the Red Sea. This is a rare moment of peace before the madness!

Keith Adams

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