Events : London-Cape Town, day three

Keith Adams

Day three
Florence, Italy

Another long run from Central France to the beautiful Tuscany region of Italy, and the world famous ciy of Florence. And it was almost as if once the teams headed into Italy, someone had switched a light, as the sun came out, and ensured wonderful driving conditions for the day. There was still plenty of rallying action in the Liguirian Hills on narrow mountain roads.  Syd Stelvio commented: ‘As twisty as Corsica was how some of the experienced drivers summed it up, and the roads – familiar to anyone who has rallied the Monte Carlo events – lived up to expectations.’

The Maestro Girls were overhauled by the Subaru Impreza, the two cars arriving at the finish together.  The Maestro is now in fourth spot, a commendable effort given the machinery it’s up against. The girls’ rivals for the Ladies Prize, Rachel Vestey and Suzy Harvey, also dropped down a slot to tenth. Overall, Owen Turner has a seven minute lead, but Steve Blunt and Bob Duck in the Subaru (a non-turbo version, we hasten to add), along with Andy Actman, are now all out to knock them off their perch.

But as the girls say, ‘Having a great time, loving every tiring minute!’

Top five overall

1 33 13m 46 1 B Owen Turner GB Matthew Fowle GB 2002 MG ZR 1589
2 14 20m 50 1 E Andy Actman GB Andy Elcomb GB 2010 Toyota Hilux 3000
3 23 22m 34 2 E Steve Blunt GB Bob Duck GB 2006 Subaru Impreza 1994
4 15 26m 05 2 B Jane Edgington GB Gillian Cotton GB 1986 MG Maestro 1598
5 17 29m 55 1 D Renger Guliker NL Pim ‘t Hart NL 1985 BMW M535I 3406

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