Events : London-Cape Town World Cup Rally

Words: Keith Adams Photography: Gerard Brown

It’s an amazing event, with a scale that’s hard to comprehend. The ERA London to Cape Town World Cup Rally recaptures the spirit of the long distance World Cup Rallies of the 1970s, and a field of classic and modern rally cars will be battling into Europe and beyond through Africa, in an unprecedented first-of-its-kind event. AROnline will be following the rally on a day-to-day basis, keeping a special eye on the Spirit of Oxford, the red Maestro run by Jane Edgington and Gill Cotton, who are wearing the website’s logos on their incredibly well prepared car.

From 10am on Sunday, New Year’s Day, 44 London to Cape Town crews will assemble at the Brooklands Motor Museum for pre-rally safety checks and briefings. You can see the cars and meet the crews in the old pre-war race-bays near the Clubhouse. At 4.00pm they will be flagged away to drive to the Official London Start where they line up in the House of Lords car-park, Parliament Square. As Big Ben strikes 7.00pm they begin the long journey to Cape Town.

After a night navigation section through Kent the crews catch the 3.40am Dover to Calais ferry on the longest non-stop section of the marathon… next stop is Beaune. Their route takes in three Continents, and 14 countries, covering 14,000 kilometres.

Stay tuned for daily updates, and make sure you show the girls your support on their site, as well as visiting the Endurance Rally Association’s website for fuller information about the event.

Keith Adams


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