News : LR Journey of Discovery makes it to Beijing

Keith Adams

Land Rover Discovery 1,000,000 at the Bird's Nest in Beijing
Land Rover Discovery 1,000,000 at the Bird's Nest in Beijing

After 18,500km, and fourteen countries, the team has rolled into Beijing, and aside from a cracked foglight on one car, a cracked screen on another, and two punctured tyres, they made it completely intact, and without incident.

Well, when we say without incident, that discounts the fact that pretty much the entire run was a true adventure, proving beyond doubt that the Land Rover Discovery is capable of going round the world. Literally. The team, which has driven the cars all the way from the UK may have changed drivers, and was joined by countless guests along the way, but the cars – including the 1,000,000th Disco off the line – were consistently and perfectly behaved.

We’ll update this story when we know more about how much the event has so far raised for charity…

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Keith Adams


  1. Check out the “Heritage” video at
    Some of the clips of the first Disco under test are amazing!

  2. Well done to all concerned – drivers, engineers, logistics, production line, component suppliers – THE BEST 4X4XFAR !

  3. I love Landrovers, I’ve had my Disco 300TDi for 6 years now, its a bit of a workhorse, a bit(very)slow but it has buckets of character. I was going to sell it when I bought the 75 but Mrs W has let me keep it.

  4. The Discovery has been an amazing success story for Land Rover and this latest achievement really does show that the current fourth generation model is an all-round, go-anyway vehicle. As a Land Rover enthusiast, the Discovery really is a proper Land Rover which looks equally at home cruising through Chelsea as it does tackling rural India and China.

    I hope Land Rover will keep hold of this Millionth example and display it at the Heritage Motor Centre as this is a real testament to how well engineered the latest Discovery is.

  5. I’d put money on several 4x4s from German makers not making it without having to be hauled out of slightly muddy puddles and getting grounded on some pebbles!

  6. Well done I guess but if this was all on tarmac roads (and why wouldn’t it be) wouldn’t any bog standard saloon be able to achieve the same journey?

  7. “proving beyond doubt that the Land Rover Discovery is capable of going round the world”

    Except it only actually travelled a third of the way round the world, completely skipping the entire American Continent!

    Sloppy journalism tsk tsk 😉

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