News : Lynx Eventers needed for birthday party

Keith Adams

Owners of the handsome Lynx Eventer, shooting brake conversion of the Jaguar XJ-S, are invited to a rather special party to celebrate the car’s launch 30 years ago. Guy Black and Chris Keith-Lucas, the founders of Lynx will welcome Eventer owners to their workshops at CKL Developments and Aero Vintage on 20-21 October.

Around 15 cars are already registered, most of which are from mainland Europe. Not familiar with the Eventer? The XJ-S shooting brake conversion by Lynx, was unveiled in August 1982 at Brown’s Lane during the Jaguar factory open days. The press warmly praised the design and the quality of the Lynx conversion.

From 1982 to 2002, Lynx converted 67 XJ-Ss into Eventers plus one prototype (which is still in existence). Two Eventers were sold in Germany as the Royal-Motors Las Vegas, while another one, or maybe two, were sold there by Arden under its own brand, renamed as the AJ3 Station car. Copies were made in the early 1990s (infringing Lynx copyrights) in France by Les Ateliers Réunis numbering between five and 11 depending on the source, and in Belgium where Gerard Dulait made one.

If you own one of these cars you’re welcomed to join in the celebrations. To find out more, e-mail the organiser, Pascal Mathieu on

Keith Adams


  1. The Lynx Eventer – what a great car to own!! Distinctive, unique, elegant, British, beautiful, fast, rather practical …….etc, etc

  2. One of the few conversions that manages to look completely right – although I adore the shape of the XJ-S (especially the early ones), I think that this almost improves on it. I’d be interested to know how many are still in use.

  3. I’ve seen at least one in the flesh- it was a really well executed conversion- and far better looking than the car it was based upon thanks to the removal of the buttresses. I particularly like the subtle curve of the shoulder line- dropping gently towards the rear.

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