Events : Vauxhall Heritage open its doors to classics

Vauxhall is again supporting this year’s annual classic car celebration and will open its Heritage Centre to mark ‘Drive it Day’. The doors will open between 10am and 4pm on Sunday, 22 April, during which time any classic car owners can join us for light refreshments and the opportunity to see one of the largest manufacturer’s heritage collections in the UK, home to around 70 historic Vauxhalls.

This annual event, organised by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs, encourages owners and enthusiasts to take their own classic out on the road to celebrate motoring heritage at its finest. The Vauxhall Heritage Centre can be found on Park Street, Luton, LU1 3HG, behind the main Griffin House headquarters on Osborne Road.

  • Free entry
  • Opens from 10:00am to 4.00pm
Keith Adams


  1. I used to tune my own MK1 cavs and ascona B’s what a love affair i had with those cars!and they drove so better than any cortina.

  2. Looking foward to visiting the Vauxhall Heritage Centre again this year.
    The first and last time I was there was 2003 and 2006 it was open during Lutons Festival of Transport and I hope its the same again for Sunday 10th June 2012 not to waste a journey down from Scotland but the festival itself was very good and the people and the motors were great.

    I don’t own a Vauxhall now but that Griffin badge must have calling powers to go make a pilgrimage?.

  3. I’d love to visit the Heritage centre. I have only owned one Vauxhall (a Viva HC from 1976-79) but my Dad had a 1960 Victor F then a ’66 VX4/90. All “home grown” Vauxhall’s – great times…

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