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Mike Humble

Ian Pogson from SAIC UK couldn't resist a Woollard!

Well folks, it’s that time again to wake up your Wolseley, polish that P6 and manicure your Metro for the Austin Federation 2014 Pride of Longbridge event at Cofton Park Birmingham, which takes place at 10.00am on 12 April at Cofton Park, overlooking the Lowhill Lane side of the factory.

All cars or light commercials with a connection with the factory are welcome. Simply turn up to the park entrance which is just past beyond the plant’s K-Gate, and the stewards will direct you to the display area which is marked “E” on the plan below. Despite it now being nine, very quick passing years, since the demise of MG Rover, this free show which has become a major date on the motoring calendar, and has shown no sign of waning in popularity – quite the opposite as numbers grow each year.

So far as all things AROnline matter, 2014 marks a few very significant birthdays. This year sees the 30th anniversary of what was two very important cars for our much-missed company. The design award winning Austin Montego rolled out of Cowley for the first time back in 1984 while the first Rover 200 up at Longbridge brought a new level of quality and class thanks to a very close working relationship with Honda. This car went on to feature regularly in the sales Top 10 and featured much higher level of creative input from Austin Rover engineers than its predecessor – the Triumph Acclaim.

Then, in 1989 Rover blew the socks of the motoring critics with the all-new 200 series. This car was again designed closely with Honda, but with Rover engineers almost having a free hand with certain engineering and packaging aspects of the car – K series engine being the most notable. The 200 brought Rover new confidence, never seen before build quality and had customers queueing for vehicles with the factory often running 24 hours a day to cope with demand. But of course it doesn’t matter what vehicle you drive be it an Austin Seven or Rover 75 – all are welcome on the day and hopefully the weather will more palatable than last year.

The parking plan for this coming Saturday.
The parking plan for this coming Saturday.

There’s plenty to see and plenty to do in a very relaxed and informal kind of atmosphere – its very much a family thing, and don’t worry if your car is far from concours. It’s a celebration for the British Motor Industry, not a stuffy classic car show, so just pop along and enjoy. AROnline will be there in force too as will Mike Humble’s G-registered Project 214 – the R8 that simply refuses to die…

So if you see us on the day, be sure to stop us and say hello! It’s a great day out for owners and fans alike – It’s free of charge too!

More at the official Pride of Longbridge website


Mike Humble


  1. My Dad and I are ex-Longbridge product owners. He doesn’t drive now. Can I park my Volvo somewhere out of site?

  2. @ Mike Bushell:

    I believe that makes and models not connected with the display theme of Pride of Longbridge are able to park outside the main entrance of Cofton Park on the very wide pavement area, which is opposite the main entrance of the Longbridge assembly plant.

  3. Well, I’m definitely coming!

    The ZR, after much recent attention, just needs a final clean after work on Friday.

    Coming on my own this time, my daughter now too old for her father’s obsession!! Still, this means I can focus 100% on the cars !

    I’ll keep an eye out for you and your R8 Mike.

  4. Was nearly going to be coming in an R8 Convertible. However, plans for a second BL > MG UK car to run alongside my ZR have been delayed 6 to 12 months pending the receipt of further funds!!!

  5. This will be my second visit, the first time was in the ex K Adams and Romanian rally survivor Rover 216 sli aka Slegti, this year I will be in my 1992 Rover 214 Gsi Hopefully parked up alongside Mike Humble’s project 214.
    Be good to put faces to names so hopefully see you all there.

  6. @4 I apologise Mike. I shall rephrase my comment. “Is that Ian Pogson Woollarding in the photo?”

  7. Trust you will all have a great day!
    As our eighty year old Wolseley Nine was made at the other place (low whisper here – Cowley) we’d better leave it hidden in the shadows of the garage. Hate to start a riot! I know some of you have such strong views on this site!!!

  8. @12 my sd1 being an 84 model was also produced at COWLEY series 1s at solihull they had better hid in the shadows too!!!

  9. @ Comments 12 and 13:

    I hope these are comments are being light-hearted as these cars all create interest with show visitors and are accepted at PoL, going by past events. I must admit my heart does melt at the sight of a Solihull built Rover such as a P4, P5 (especially a P5B Coupe), P6, early SD1… and they are one of the main highlights for me.

    I don’t know if you actually brought them to PoL yesterday but if not, I for one, would love to see them at next year’s event.

  10. yes david being very light hearted, i love anything BMC LEYLAND ARG MG ROVER ETC. they are all one as far as im concerned. but my soft spot is for the SD1 model love em!!
    had mine 24 years i will never sell it. but yes love em all….

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